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So I pulled the rip-cord and I'm headed up to Mustang Powder in late December. Because of stupid airline scheduling, I'll be arriving two days early, and will have a day (or possibly a day and a half) to burn at one of the local resorts.


I was initially psyched to hit Revelstoke -- it looked like the most interesting option -- but then the Mustang booklet warned that you can get trapped on the wrong side of avalanche control if you go there. Given that the rendezvous is 3-3:30pm at Skyline (nominally a 45minute drive), and assuming I didn't ski the morning of the rendezvous day, is it reasonably likely that I'll be able to make it? Obviously, anything can happen, but I'm not familiar with avalanche patterns in BC, so I really have no idea. Other than Revelstoke, I guess the other options are Big White and Silver Star, of which Silver Star seems to be the better-looking of the two in terms of worthy warm-up terrain. Is there anything else I should know?