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Are, Sweden..Anyone Been/Heard?

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Yeah..Are..anybody been there?  May have occasion to be there and curious how the challenge is there.




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If you are in the neighborhood so to speak then Åre is worth the trip. I've enjoyed skiing there several times.


The vital stats:

Longest run: 6.5 km (4.0 mi)

Base elevation: 390 m (1,280 ft)

Top elevation: 1,420 m (4,660 ft)


As you can see Åre is not the Alps of Continental Europe.  Åre actually consists of four interlinked areas  (Åre, Duved, Tegefjäll and Åre Björnen).  Åre is scheduled to host the Alpine World Championships in 2019. It will be also be hosting several men's and women's Alpine World Cup races this coming week owing to a present lack of snow in the French Alps.



Some advantages of a trip to Åre include:


1) It either has snow or Åre can make snow because during the winter months it's almost always cold enough to do so. The numerous groomed runs are very well maintained. Depending on the snowfall depths there is good off-piste skiing, as well.

2) Unlike a number of other places in Europe, Swedes wait their turn in lines and will not trample over you as you attempt to catch a lift.

3) Swedes are helpful, polite and always seem to be having a good time on the slopes.

4) Communication seldom is an issue for North Americans as the majority of Swedes you will  likely encounter speak excellent English and often several other languages, as well.

4) The bus service to and within the general area (Åre, Duved, Tegefjäll and Åre Björnen) is frequent and reliable. Taxi service is also reliable but you need to call to book a taxi.

5) The Apres-ski in Åre Central is good as is the food and shopping. Swedish skiwear brands are of excellent quality.  Åre Skidfabik a modern ski factory located in town, manufactures three quality Swedish ski brands Extrem, Hendryx and Cmd skis.


6) There are also a lot of non-skiing recreational opportunities, as well.

7) It is easy to reach  Östersund Airport via Stockholm. Östersund is about a 50 mile bus ride away from the ski resort. Trondheim, Norway is another way to connect to Östersund.  Renting a car or catching the train to Åre are other alternatives.


So why doesn’t everyone go to Åre to ski?


1) By North American and Continental European standards the resort complex is not large.

2) Although accommodations can be quite reasonable in price, generally things are comparatively expensive by European and North American standards, especially alcohol and food.

3) Owing to its northern latitude, the daylight hours in December and January are quite short although there are many slopes that have very good lighting. By March the days have become much longer.

4) It can get very cold and windy.

5) Outside of Scandinavia many people are not aware that it exists.


To me, the pluses of a trip up North far exceed the minuses.


Hope this helps.


P.S. The Åre website contains a lot of  useful information and data. You can also arrange everything from local travel, accommodations and lift tickets, et cetera on its site if you choose See


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Thanks, that's is a whole heap of useful information.  I wonder if you could elaborate a bit on the terrain challenge.  I'm an advanced skier..is there good stuff there to hit up?  The reality is, it's cheaper for me to fly to Norway than to Vancouver and I'm building an Olympics theme somewhat subconsciously so I was planning to roll up a Kvitfjell-Are trip into one and maybe drop in to see family in Austria on the way home.  I also like colder weather and the Scandinavian mentality.  I hope to find some Finns to party with..  :D

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Åre has some challenging runs  both on-piste and off-piste  as well as guided  off-piste skiing, heli-skiing and Sno-cat skiing depending on snow conditions and the time of season. The ski area map as well as locals working at the ski shops in Åre  or at the resort itself can be a good source of information regarding where to go to find what you are looking for. As with most resorts, unless you are on a guided off-piste tour, secret stashes will likely be treated as well, secret. At the other end of the spectrum is Åre Björnen which is especially suited for family skiing and skiing with young children consisting of mainly green and blue runs.  It also has child minding  services (babysitting) for parents who desire a few hours to themselves.


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