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As you all know, AC runs EpicSki as a donation site, with no advertising. It keeps all of us from having to delve through what would likely be tons of SPAM everyday, in order to find the great content on these forums!

As a fundraiser to benefit EpicSki, at last years EpicSki Academy, we held a raffle. Several hundred $$$ was raised, and some lucky people walked off with some great prizes.

During the ETU in Stowe, and the ESA in Snowbird/Alta, we held two more raffles. Between the two, over $1200 was raised through the generosity of those participating. And some more very lucky people walked with some really great prizes!

In exchange for donating these items to the raffle, AC has generously allowed the manufacturers to be recognized here on the website.

K2 SKIS - K2 has donated 2 pairs of skis, the model and size is the choice of the winners. One pair was already won at the ETU. The next pair will be going at the ESA.

SCOTT USA - Scott has donated a bunch of ski poles, and some goggles.

OPENAIR WEAR - OAW has donated several fleece vests, etc, for both raffles. They also did the ESA hats, neck gaitors and vests.

FOX RIVER MILLS - Makers of great wool/silk blend ski and snowboard socks, they have kindly donated a dozen pairs of socks.

MARKER BINDINGS - Marker has donated two pairs of bindings for the ESA raffle.

For future EpicSki event raffles, we are attempting to gather together even MORE great stuff to give away! So if you know of a industry related manufacturer who might want to get involved in supporting EpicSki, please PM me with the appropriate information.

And remember- it's all for the great cause of keeping EpicSki online and growing!


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Ric, You should get a big ole ATTABOY as well for organizing all of the shwag. Thnx. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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And THANK YOU Ric and the ETU participants for organizing/participating in the raffle, and thanks to K2, Scott, Openair Wear, and Fox River Mills for their contributions.

Also a big congratulations to all who participated in and made the Eastern Tune-Up such a big success!
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Thanks, AC! We were wishing you could have joined us to ski on our packed, uh, powder. Maybe next season! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Thank you, Ric, for the raffle and the great prizes - that brought more seasoning to the broth!
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A hearty Thank You to K2, Scott, OpenAir Wear, and Fox River for your support of our event, and of EpicSki. And thanks to you too, Ric, for your efforts to coordinate the raffle.

Now let's support these manufacturers by considering their excellent products whenever we're in the market!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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With the ESA and ETU over for this season, I wanted to once again acknowledge those supporters/suppliers of product to the fund raising raffle.

K2 Skis, for the kind donation of two pairs of skis.

SCOTT USA, for donating poles and goggles.

MARKER USA, for donating two pairs of bindings.

OPENAIR WEAR, for donating the fleece vests, and helping us with the ESA vests, hats, and neck gaiters.

FOX RIVER MILLS, for donating ski socks.

If you are aware of any additional industry manufacturers who might like to get involved with these fundraising efforts, please PM me with the pertinent information, and we'll approach those suppliers. To avoid any potential situations, I ask that you get in touch with either myself or AC before committing to any entity.

Thanks for your help, Congratulations to the winners, and GOOD LUCK to everyone in the future!

Ric :
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Yes, thanks to K2 Skis, SCOTT USA, MARKER USA, OPENAIR WEAR, and

And to all the raffle ticket buyers, and Ric for organizing the event and the other organizers for selling tickets.

This was very helpful to the website at a time when we needed it.
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You are all awesome! Hey! Do you think we should get snomore to ask http://www.pmgearusa.com/ to donate some gloves, or would that be pushing it. But it is in the same spirit, sort of. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Congratulations to Ric Reiter for arranging for the generous contributions. And congratulations and thanks to the donors of our prizes.

But the biggest congratulations and thanks of all go to you, the Bears at the events who so liberally supported the website by purchasing raffle tickets and making additional donations. This season alone, we raised just over $800 at the ESA and just under $500 at the ETU.

That's phenomenal! You guys are great!
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