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Epic Ski Video: Crudology from Bob Barnes

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I found this video couch surfing this weekend! I wish more videos featured more of this typical, everyday resort skiing.  This is the closest I'll feel to lapping KT for a while. Tomorrow, I'm going in for a CT scan for a better look at my broken ribs and scapula. I did find it kind of a stretch to call a lot of the featured snow conditions crud.


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If you want some "entertaining" reading, this video has been discussed at least twice before:

  1. http://www.epicski.com/t/103844/crudology
  2. http://www.epicski.com/t/111254/crudology-revisited


Hope you heal up fast!

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Yes, heal fast, JJQIV. I'm glad you liked the video. It's probably due for an update this season, with some more new footage (assuming we all get some snow).


I think my only big mistake in putting together that video clip was the failure to show "typical" skiers skiing the same terrain and conditions. The skiers in the video make it look easy, for the most part, but I can assure you that very little of that footage was shot in "easy" conditions. Crud does, as I suggested in the video, range from "mildly challenging to truly obnoxious," and not everything there was on the far obnoxious end of the spectrum. But between the steepness (much of it was over 40 degrees, and a fair amount was closer to 50 degrees) and the typically windblown, heavier spring snow, it was harder than it may appear. Even the smoothest looking conditions that may look like virgin powder may not have been quite what they look like. See, for example, Donnie in the blue and black at 4:29--what looks like untouched "cream" was covered by a layer of wind-affected slab that was bringing most skiers to their knees. I remember it well, and only wish I'd filmed some of the less-experienced skiers burying themselves in it--great big snow-filled grins not withstanding!


Really, the only footage that I did question a bit before including it in a video about "crud" was Bud Heishman skiing at Mt. Rose, Nevada (11:21). Conditions there may not fit the true spirit of "crud"--it was fresh, still-falling fairly light powder. But that new snow covered rock-hard and inconsistent bumps, and the heavy snow and fog affected visibility so much (had to do a lot of work to bring out the contrast in the clip)--and Bud's skiing was so masterful--so I finally decided that it was appropriate to put it in. The others who were there (including many EpicSki members) will surely vouch that Bud made it look a lot easier than it turned out to be for most other skiers!


The other clip that may be questionable as true "crud" is the legend, Jerry Berg, ripping carved turns at Arapahoe Basin on softened spring snow (5:11). The snow wasn't very deep, so perhaps calling it "crud" is reasonably debatable. But Bergie's turns and ski performance demonstrate the "keep 'em going the direction they're pointed" Rule of Crudology so vividly that I decided they had a place here.


Perhaps the most challenging conditions in the Crudology video--that may not come through as obviously obnoxious--were the rock-hard "frozen chickenhead" coral bumps on Slalom Slope at Arapahoe Basin, skied "effortlessly" by the incomparable Dan Egan (in red, 11:31) one cold spring morning. Dan's technique of spending as little time as possible actually on the snow, and as much time as possible in the air above it, serves very well in those conditions!


Anyway, perhaps in the next rendition, I'll include some "regular" skiers in the same conditions, just for comparison!


Now, if we can just get some of those conditions to go and ski....


Best regards,


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