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Happy New Year..!!!

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I wish you all a Great 2004...!!!

Here is an update from Winter Park.....
The conditions are GREAT...!!!

Current Conditions updated 12/31/2003 at 07:15am
Lifts Open: 21
Trails Open: 110...Plus Park & Pipe:
Superpipe Opening Soon!
New Snow in Last 24 hrs: 6.5" (17 cm)
New Snow in Last 48 hrs: 10.0" (25 cm)
New Snow in Last 72 hrs: 10.5" (27 cm)
Season-to-Date Snowfall: 131.7" (335 cm)
Summit Depth: 45" (114 cm)Mid-Mountain Depth: 44" (112 cm)Village Temperature: 16°F (-9°C)Summit Temperature: 11°F (-12°C)Wind: NW 5 to 15mphSky:
ClearConditions: Powder/PackedPowder
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Say Sayonara to 2003, and hello to 2004!

We're skiing tomorrow. What better way to start the New Year!
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I skied today--skied the year out, not bad..Here's wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year. Party hardy, but sensibly tonight. Please take care. See you next year.
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It's already 2004 here in Japan, 17 hours ahead of California! I wish y'all the best as well. Unlike Fox, it's sunny and about 70 degrees F out my window, not likely to snow. Have a great season. I am with you all in spirit. :

Oh yeah - pray that peace will prevail upon us all - soon!

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I'll make my first turn for you Zig!
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First turn(!) of the new year. That's too much to ask, unless of course there's the P-word. Thnx so much Bonnie. I'll do a surf for ya ... well at least an ASAHI . sayonora. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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Happy New Year to you guys as well! Now the ski season really begins (the weather the west has been receiving won't hurt either).

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Happy New Year all. I'm about to head to the slopes so I'll make some turns for all too hung over to do so.
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My head hurts,my bowels are on fire,and my mouth taste like the bottom of a bird cage!
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tk, welcome to my world!

Happy New Year, everyone.

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