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Toes hitting front of boots in neutral stance and feet get numb after 15 mins

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Hi everyone, I recently purchased the Salomon Impact CS 120.
My toes keep on hitting the front of the boot in a neutral stance and not flexing. Any way to stretch the toe box? If I do stretch it, will I need a new liner?
Lastly, my feet start to get numb after 15-20 mins of skiing. My previous skiing boot was 2 sizes bigger and I have never had that problem.

A little about the boot. The shell is a fully moldable shell and the liners are too. I have just molded the shell and not the liner. I am getting my footbeds fabricated and using a super feel insole at this time.

What do I do to make sure the my feet are not getting numb?
Thank you all in advance for any feedback.
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there are a number of things which can be causing the problem


the shell can be stretched and the liner also, this is not a DIY job as it requires specialist tools, the impact cannot be stretched as much as some boots due to the construction which if care is not taken can split the shell at the seam which runs around the front of the boot


one issue which could cause the problems you are having in this boot is the size of your calf muscle and how much flexibility you have at your ankle... the impact has around 17 degrees of forward lean which is a lot


you need to get this assessed by your boot fitter to see if the cause of the problem (both the toes hitting and the numbness) is mechanical (boot size) or functional (your body) 


have a look at the who's who at the top of the forum, there is a lit of fitters who can help

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how many days have you skied on the boots?    is the toe pressure getting less or more, as you ski more days.



for the numbness, is it better with the toe buckles looser or even open?

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CEM mentioned that the circumference of you calf an cause this issue---could you put on your boots and measure the circumference for us and get back with the info?



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This is the first time i skied in these boots.

The pain from my toes hitting the toe box was getting worse throughout the day

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At the top of my boots the circumference is 14.25"

At the biggest park of my calves is 17.25"

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What size boots?

What size feet in centimeters?

Tighten the second buckle from the top until it hurts, then back off till it is just comfortable--- this will hold your heels in the back of the boot, and your toes away from the front

Your boots have too much forward lean for the size of your calf!!! This can be fixed by flaring the boot shell cuff to the rear.

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Thanks for all the help Mike.

The boots are Salomon Impact CS 120. Please see link below.




I traditionally wear a size 10 for sneakers.

The ski boot is a 26.5.

When i got measured by my bootfitter he said i was a size 27.0

When you mention flaring the cuff to the rear is that the same thing as canting?

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flaring the cuff backwards is not he same as canting that you will have been told about in average shop, it is a form of canting (do a degree) in that it affects the fore /aft balance of the skier, if you have either a larger calf muscle or a restriction in flexibility at the ankle then the boot you have WILL when you stand in it, force your foot forward and put your toe into the end of the boot


i don't have an impact handy but even with your calf measurement at 14.25" the forward lean on that boot will be too much, add any restriction of the ankle joint and your toes will not be happy until you get the boot made more upright(flared at the cuff to accommodate the calf) 


of course as we have always said this is a little bit of what we have seen before and speculation based on what you have told us

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So i have this allen key insert at the ankles of my boots that say "canting" on them.

I turned the allen keys on each side of the boot i saw the cuff go a bit upright.

After i put my foot back into the boot immediately it felt much warmer and slightly more comfortable.

I did feel a bit of pressure at the top of my ankle bone but it wasn't uncomfortable just noticeable.

Unfortunately after 40 mins (much longer time vs last time) the bottom my feet were burning again.

Anything else i can do to improve?

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i am not sure you are listening to the responses we are giving you......


the canting (what you have just adjusted) is not going to affect the numbness in your foot by more than a little






are all likely to be contributing factors, go and see your boot fitter, you cannot fix this yourself without the correct  tools and skills

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Went to the bootfitter.
Got my custom footbeds and a heel lift.
Reduced the numbness to almost non existent
Sorry if I wasn't following all the advice specifically.
Thanks for all the help!
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all's well that ends well

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