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Snowboarders who ski

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Although I love snowboarding, I'm considering rotating between skis and my board. Ive had several seasons now that I've gone to resorts with a lot of flat areas (have to clip out) or covered with mogul fields which in my opinion aren't very fun on a board.


Does anyone do both who wishes to give an opinion

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I do both. I enjoy doing both on the same day (which I often do when I'm teaching). Before the airlines cracked down on baggage I made several vacation trips where I took both skis and my board and alternated days (even when I did the helicopter thing in Alaska). Flats aren't that hard to avoid. Moguls can be a ton of fun on a snowboard. There just aren't a lot of people who can do them well. I've ridden with some guys who make it look easy.

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I do both but am a way more experienced skier.  I find it a lot easier to get around the hill on skis.  Not just flats but on and off lifts or tight rollercoaster like traverses through the woods at certain hills to get to the sidecountry goods.  Plus I am usually with skiers and have trouble keeping up when boarding.  I often will switch from boarding to skiing or vice versa on the same day...more likely if I am parked fairly close to the lodge and I always ski when I fly to a resort.

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I skied at Alta last year because a buddy wanted to go (and of course boarding wasn't an option), frankly I never made it off the blues as he went down all the blacks. I'm thinking that I should get some shorter "rocker" skis and maybe I would progress better (quicker) so I can enjoy both equally..Any suggestions on skis would also be greatly appreciated

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The best skis for you will depend on a lot of factors. Full rocker skis are best for mostly powder skiing. Most every other new ski these days is going to have some rocker. If you are going to do mostly on resort skiing in the East, I'd recommend either a slalom ski or a narrower all mountain ski. If you are going to do mostly on resort skiing in the West, I'd recommend a wider all mountain ski. If you go over to the gear forum and describe your height, weight, ability=intermediate level, goal=improvement and where you plan to ski(east/west, on trail/off), you'll get more and better specific recommendations.


If you can carve on a snowboard, you will improve a lot faster on skis once you feel the skis carve and you'll appreciate a traditional (camber under foot ski). If you're a back foot snowboarder, you'll like a full rocker ski much better.

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I enjoy driving a big van, so I can fit my skis and board into the car for the drive up the mountain. And that's exactly what I'll do, unless I'm driving up with friends who snowboard, in which case I'll just bring my board. I'll just pull out whatever I feel like riding at the time. The parking lot is at the bottom of the lift, so I can always switch mid-day if I feel the urge. Generally, I use my skis for big snow days, mogul days, and for a fair majority of the time on other days. Snowboard comes out for low-coverage conditions, when all the moguls have been groomed over, and sometimes just for a change of scenery when there aren't any great snow conditions to call home about. Since I usually stay on tamer terrain on the board, it's a good way to rest up while still being out on the mountain.


I'm much more confident on skis, but I can still handle most of the mountain on my board. It's nice to have options that suit whatever I feel like doing on a particular day.

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Thanks again guys, I think my next trip to SLC will include a day of testing out different ski packages (and of course a day or 2 of boarding). I again appreciate the advice

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I've been snowboarding for over 10 years and skiing for only 1. I still prefer my snowboard especially on powder days. I'm a decent mogul rider so even on those I'm more confident on my board than on skis. The skis come out when I'm not allowed to wear soft boots (recurring injury unrelated to snowboarding), on some touring days, and in icy conditions. If it were not for the fact that I am not allowed to snowboard when injured, I don't think I would have picked up skiing. But if you're good at snowboarding, learning to ski is pretty easy.

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