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Good free-skiing vids

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As I'm officially stoked to start skiing again this season, I was hyping myself up by browsing YouTube for some good examples of resort-appropriate free-skiing (as opposed to watching Marcel Hirscher rip GS lines or Daron Rahlves straight-line down a 70-degree Alaskan knife ridge, which, while super fun, has very little to do with what I do 99.9% of the time).  I found these two guys (different styles, both enviable).


1) JF Beaulieu (sample);

2) Richard Berger (sample)


Search YouTube for their vids: really nice style.  I'd like to hear what ya'll think...


My question: are there any other videos out there in this category that you guys/gals like?  Also, are there any videos out there that show resort-appropriate freeskiing on something other than slalom skis (i.e, r > 15m)?



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Tons have been posted. Look up sebastien michel
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^^^^ doing that right now!  Thanks!


Edit: All these guys have such different styles, it's great to see.  Sebastian Michel skis the most like me (not that I'm anywhere NEAR that good) in that he seems to hold his turns longer than the other two I mentioned, who pop right out the moment they get fully loaded.  I tend to hold on a little longer to control my speed better on longer radius skis.  Great skiers all around...Thumbs Up

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