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The ball of my foot is burning every time I ski

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I've been skiing for 12 years, last year I was doing 3 day ski course and my feet got really sore it was also extremely cold. My boots had not given me any problems in the past. After day 2 , I walked in to Surefeet Whistler, had custom footbed made and added heated toe elements. It seemed better. But I've experienced burning sensation in the balls of my feet a lot. It's spoiling my skiing. I also volunteer in Whistler adaptive and that can involve a lot of standing and magic carpet riding and that is just brutal in my feet. It's making me so miserable. I have another volunteer day on Monday and on the weekend I'm going for my level one, now I'm worried that my feet are going to burn for three days.
Any good suggestions of what to try.
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does it feel like you have even weight on both the ball of the foot, and the heel?       Even weight left and right feet?   even weight on inside and outside of the feet?

any other changes (medical, weight, ability, fitness, etc)  just before this burning happened?    



are you doing your boots up tighter ?




read, and re-read this, and answer some of the questions for us please.

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have you gone back to surefoot to see if they can resolve the issue. you are already on their clock, so to speak, as they have built you a custom footbed.


perhaps you were not clear as to what needed to be fixed on your first visit. cause if they built you a footbed thinking that that was the solution for your visit in the first place, than maybe that was not at the heart of the problem,


or maybe the footbed that they built is not well made,


or maybe the footbed that they built is not well interfaced into your boot,


or maybe there is some other problem with your set-up that needs to be addressed before the footbed will work, like boot too large, boot too small, worn out liner, liner not broken in, too much forward lean, too little forward lean, too much boot board ramp angle, too little boot board ramp angle, too high a boot cuff, etc,etc........


or, or, or...................?


more info from you might help, like foot size in length and width, age, weight, strength, description of your ski ability, boot model, boot size, what was in the boot before the new custom insole and heaters were installed, clear up the time line of the problem, like did it always bother you, just start this season, just start after new footbed, what work has been done before this problem, how old is the boot, how many ski days do you have on the boot, etc, etc.


pictures of your feet, footbeds, lower legs, the boot, a family portrait, etc,etc,..........


more input please, for more pinpoint advice.



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Footbeds are often treated as magic bullets, which they are not.  There is no reason that just throwing a footbed in a boot should really fix any problem.  First the mechanics of what is causing the problem must be understood which I think is what Jim was saying.


But if I had to guess I'd ask if you have tight achilles or hamstrings.  Limited ability to dorsiflex often causes burning under the balls of the feet.  Many skiers are held in a constantly forward flexed position in their boots for various reasons this may be excessive and with limited dorsiflexion this leads to excessively loaded metatarsals which eventually begin to burn.  To experiment try a firm heel lift in the boot.  If it works on the foot pain but makes you feel unbalanced and puts you in the back seat have your fitter add a few mm's externally under the boot toe.



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and just to check,  the buring was not just your boot heaters turned up too high?     (suggestion from non boot fitter bear.   thanks)

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