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Smith IO bad fit coming from Airbrake - Advice Please

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Hi folks,


Need a bit of urgent advice here, my Oakley airbrake lenses are pretty beat up so decided rather than buy new lenses I would go for a set of Smith IO as the blue sensor mirror had rave reviews for flat light.


The issue, the IO feels a bad fit for me, I have a gap either side of my nose at the bottom yet they feel tight on the side of my face.


I traced a line with a pencil to compare the Airbrake with the IO, the IO seems much more pointed and narrower on the bottom edge.


Stupidly I bought the IO 3 months ago so can't return them and only tried them on today, given the above should I have gone for the IOX rather than the IO or just stick with the Airbrake?


My ultimate goal was trying to improve flat light visibility, I really struggled with the Oakley Hi Yellow last winter on flat days.


Advice welcome..


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It seem as though you answered your own question.....you should have bought the I/OX. I am a big guy (every thing is XL for me) and I use the I/O and it fits me fine, I realize that does not help you if what you have does not fit. Try to sell them on the EPIC Marketplace and buy what you need. The Smith's are great goggles with great lens so I expect you will be happy with the I/OX.

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I have the same problem with the nose gaps on Smith I/O. For me, the I/OX has the same problem, so don't assume that it will work for you. I just tried I/O 7 and that didn't work either.


Actually, the I/OS that my wife has is the only I/O that doesn't have the nose gap. However, that frame is too small for my liking.


Smith does make "asian fit" goggles that have extra foam around the nose. I've never seen them in a shop so I can't say whether they work for me or not. That might be a good option if you do want the I/O.


I have tried other Smith models that don't have the nose gap problem. The Phenom fits me just fine, and I've seen them in places like TJMaxx with the Blue Sensor Mirror lens. That may be an option for you if you really want that lens.

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I bought a pair of pants a few months ago and just got around to trying them on.  Wouldn't you know it they don't fit.  Please help.  I should start a thread.


If anyone would like a pair of pants, PM me. 

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Thanks for the replies, does anyone have the dimensions across the foam on the IO/X?


@Lorenzzo, keep off the burgers and doughnuts if your pants don't fit, easy solution :-)

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woodpecker, how about trying them on in a shop, then buying the ones that fit you best?
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