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Skiing Glasses/Sunglasses

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Hi all,

I am a university student designing a new set of colour palettes for Sunwise's 2016 eyewear range. I am specifically looking at skiing. Any feedback on the type of coloured glasses/lens' you often wear or would like to wear would be great!


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I really thought this would be fun on the hills:




Kidding!  Wish I could help, I tend to do boring polarized clear, sometimes very light amber lenses and frame wise, simple black frames .. sorry



however Welcome!  again, sorry for sarcasm It sounds really cool what your doing and I hope it goes well!


when you say Glasses, Sunglasses, I read it as not including goggles.  I checked out Sunwise on line and wasn't 100% positive googles weren't in their lineup.

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Haha! Thanks very much, your comments have helped. 

Yes only designing sunglasses, not goggles unfortunately. Maybe that'll be the next step..?



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Rarely ski in anything except goggles. Given the price of sunglasses, certainly wouldn't drop the money to buy a pair for the two days they might come in handy. I wear contacts and the wind coming around the lens makes my eyes initially water, then dry out.

I did wear them one time on a really bright day, under the goggles. But if you then slam into a tree, the ensuing mess doesn't do much for your looks, so I haven't repeated that one.
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People usually use sunlasses because they already have those expensive glasses for fashion or other activities versus skionly. So designing expensive skionly glasses is not really a good target.

Or the flipside, if they prefer glasses and getting something just7st for ski, they are going for cheap $10 to $20 glasses that they don't mind losing or crashing with (and typically non metal non glass so they dont freeze). As far as lens choices read up on the threads related to goggles for bright conditions.
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Now, as for me, I ski in sunglasses 90% of the time. I only don goggles during a storm, and usually wait until it's really puking before making the switch. I just have always preferred glasses over goggles. The current setup is Julbo mountaineering frames with the original lenses popped out and tossed. I have single vision Rx lenses with Transition (trademark?) lens treatment. At the high transmission end of the range, I can wear them inside to lunch, and the low transmission end of the range is dark enough for spring skiing.  I am extremely near sighted and never took to contacts. The set up usually can take me from the parking lot in the morning back to the car after closing bell. The tint is yellow/brown.

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