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Edit GoPro movie

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Hi everyone,


I was looking for a way to edit my GoPro movies I made last winter.

They are just a little bit lame to show to others, i have a few shots i like but never edit video's before.

Does anyone know how to do it? Would love to add some slow motion, music and other effects.


Of course it must be easy to learn and not take to much time to do.

Or is it a option to hire a freelance editor to edit my movie? and how much does that cost?


Hope you can help me!

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Hey Kevin, so i see you have a question about GoPro Editing. I make GoPro movies of me skiing and the software that I use is the GoPro Studio that they provide for free. You can download it on their website.


Here is a link to a video that I made using my GoPro and GoPro Studio: 

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Hey sam thank you for the tip!


You made a nice video, but i don't want to spend to much time editing and learning how to do.

I found this website

Me and my friends decided that we post a project after the holiday so we all spend 10 euro pp. for the holiday video.

Does someone already post a project here?

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no one familiar with this website?

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Maybe find a GoPro forum? It's ski season! All else is secondary.
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