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Thank You to Everyone who worked so hard to make the ETU a huge success. I drove home to Maine Sunday night through driving snow (4.5 hrs for a 2.5 hr trip), but it was all worth it. Too bad I couldn't have stayed to ski Monday...oh well...that's life. I had a great weekend and am very greatful for everyone's efforts and kindness. This was a terrific event and I truly hope to see you all again next year--maybe sooner if anyone finds their way up to Maine to ski--let me know if you are coming.

Special thanks to Ric (Eric) our instrutor from Vail. He was superb. I clearly didn't deserve such a high caliber instructor, but I certainly appreciate his efforts and will do my best to apply what he tried to teach me.

To Evan who got injured early on day one: I hope all is well and you don't lose the whole season.

To Chris who was going to stay Sunaday night and ski the fresh snow on Monday: I hate you...(just kidding, I hope you had a great day and got safely home safely to New York on Tuesday).

To everyone who skied in my group: it was a pleasure. You were a great bunch and I enjoyed spending time with each one of you. I wish all of you well and hope we meet again someday.