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Volkl R1 or AC2

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I've been offered either the R1s (161cm) or AC2(163cm)  for my next ski trip. I'd class myself as an intermediate (level 5) so not sure which way to go. The R1s seem to be a bit too beginner so I'm leaning more to the AC2s. Volkl rated them for intermediate/advanced skiers. Will they be too good for me? I'm 5'8" and around 160lbs.

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Neither will be too much ski for you; they're both old enough that the biggest factor influencing how well they do will be the overall amount of wear & tear they've had and the tune that's on them.


In other words, I'd pick a fresh R1 with sharp edges over a beat-up AC2 or an AC2 with dull edges, but the margin will be minimal compared to the experience a new ski (and new boots) could give you.

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