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Thanks, Bears

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I just wanted to say it was great to meet new people at the Tune Up.

I got to shake hands with Dave Merriam, whose 1986 Warren Miller video I've watched yearly started me skiing. What a treat to meet the guy who got me where I am today! Without listening to him on tape, I might have given up on skiing that first year. Thanks, Dave.

I saw Stu Campbell from afar.

Jennifer Popa, it was nice to meet you too! You're a wonderful skier, and a beautiful person. Thanks for hanging out with us!

I met Kevin F, who is a charming guy (and single, ladies!)

It was nice to meet Tom Dew, and his lovely wife Robin, who is the perfect skiers wife. (Sorry about the nickname, but I think Mt. Dew suits a skier, don't you?)

Kieli-what can I say? What a dynamo! You make me dizzy just watching you! Your energy and enthusiasm is boundless.

Skierteach skis like a dream. I was envious...she floats down the hill. And she makes some great meatballs! mmmmmmgood!

Thanks to all the people I already met, but got to know better.

I hope everyone had a good time, and made it home safely. :

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Originally posted by Bonni:
I met Kevin F, who is a charming guy (and single, ladies!)
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nice thoughts Bonni!

we have to do it again next year!!

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