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Freestyle Reunion at Monashee Powder Snowcats

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Old Friends are hard to find! Monashee Powder Snowcats in British Columbia once again provided an over the top experience on our trip last January with some long time ski friends. It had been 25 plus years since our group of  former US Freestyle Ski Team mates skied together and with the remote mountain lodge and mind blowing terrain, Monashee Powder Snowcats was the perfect setting for this reunion get together.

                                                  Former World Mogul Champion John Witt getting after it


Our group consisted of Kris "Fuzz" Feddersen, Trace Worthington, Lynne "Banana Pants" Wieland, John Witt, Desi Leipham, Tommy Frey, myself and videographer Justin Miller. We were greeted in the parking lot by Big Mountain skier Dave Treadway who joined in with this group of old doggers.


                  Trace Worthington doing what he does best "Gettin Air"


With over 2' of fresh upon our arrival we knew we were in for a good time. Now mix in the 10" of fresh on our first day out, EPIC is an understatement.



                                                Tommy Frey getting DEEP on one of the two Bluebird days


Our Guide Chris "Bouche" Bouchard brought us to the goods day after day and run after run. It didn't hurt that "Bouche" was a Canadian Freestyle coach and could certainly keep up with the freestyle talk.


                                         Banana Pants and Bouche all smiles!


Not much has changed with this group but School was definitely in session when Dave Treadway schooled them in backcountry airs.


                                      Schools in Session- Dave sending a nice Backie off the cliffs in the Burnt Forest


It was 3 days of what seemed like Heaven at Monashee with lot's of laughter, smiles and stories.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next adventure there.


                                                     Bob Legasa living large in the Canadian Backcountry


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Oh Em Gee!  You always know how to bring the stoke!

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I think the trick to getting a meter of new snow is to take Fuzz along. Last time we skied together was at Selkirk-Tangiers and we got close to 4 feet in 2 days. It was DEEP! 


Nice work, Freeride!

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Great pic's Goldmember looks like a great gathering.

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Thanks, Pete but it wasn't me. I wasn't on that trip. This one's all on Freeride.

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