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Any "over the counter" arch supports for boots?

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Hey all, First, thanks for taking the timeout for replies!...I have been searching Plantar fascia on this site and there seems to be a fair amount of it around here!  Anyway, still messing with my boots to be more comfortable without giving up performance...I'm just getting over a summerlong bout of PF..I had also had an issue last year with "heal pinch" causing numbness/pain around my heel....I'm pretty sure I figured out the problem...the footbed that was supporting my extremely flat arches, was holding my heel to high in the pocket and causing the pinch...So now removing the insert that went into the LINER has relieved the heal issue, my ankle rolls inwards and puts pressure/pain to this inside ankle bone....I'm thinking my solution would be an arch support that goes UNDER the liner, between it and the shell....Any such thing made? I'm sure others could benefit because I cant even consider walking without my orthodic arch supports!...Thanks again for any help! 

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finding a good boot fitter that is also a pedorthist might be a good solution to the original problem of heel pinch as well as getting the best underfoot support for your plantar fascitis.



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Yes I'm sure that would be awesome....unfortunately, its hard enough to find a decent boot fitter, let alone one that's a podiatrist too!
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pedorthist, and there are more than ever out there fitting boots. and yes a good boot fitter is hard to find.


where are you located? we may be able to steer you to a pedorthist/boot fitter in your area.


also, lets not split hairs, there are hundreds of life long boot fitters that have skills that a certified pedorthist will not have and vice versa. they have learned these skills in the school of hard knocks dealing with hard to fit feet and easy to fit feet. where i am going with this is that unless you are living on eastern mars, there has got to be a guy/gal that can solve your easily solvable foot issue, really close to where you go skiing.





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Yes, I do agree this should be a fairly easy fix. I'm start experimenting a little more myself...I have been to the only bootfitter that was recommended...actually a few times...no joy. I'm on long island, in NY. I also went to my podiatrist last night. He said bring my stuff in and he'll see what he can do to help, he doesn't ski but may understand what I need. I'm thinking my issue cant be very unique and was hopeing there was an over the counter insert with a good arch that could go between the bootie and shell...I'm certain that would fix the issue...If none available, maybe I'll invent something!...There is plenty PF sufferers that would benefit I'm sure...Thanks!

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podiatrists know feet very well. that is what they study for 3 years post grad. technically they are surgeons. there will not be a single class on ski boot fitting any time during those 3 years of med school. in most cases the modern podiatrist does not produce their own footbeds. they usually perform foot surgery. their footbed work is usually performed by a pedorthist. 


marc stewart at wyndham mtn

billy kaplan at Performance Pedorthics  (215) 760-8226

jeff rich in manhattan

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LOL!!!....I was thinking you guys couldn't spell!...Never heard of a pedorthist!  Thought you meant podiatrist!  Hmmmm, I'll try a couple more things, if it doesn't work out, I'll be looking these guys up...Thank You!

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go see a podiatrist, maybe surgically removing a toe or 2 will solve your fit issues.:) 


then he can get his pedorthist to make you a footbed.:)



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