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Utah Trip Packages

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Hey Guys,


Looking to book a trip to Utah with a few of my buddies.


I noticed a lot of places offer some type of package deal like stay 3 days and get 1 night off lodging and 1 day of free skiing or whatever it may be.


Is there any type of deal like that for maybe the park city area mountains?


I don't want to be stuck at one mountain while I'm in Utah, but if there's some sort of package for multiple mountains, that's something I would look into.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Go to and look under the Deals tab. Sometimes the best pricing comes directly from the resorts, since some resorts market resorts market lodging and (obviously) the tickets. Note that Vail resorts operates both PCMR and Canyons, so getting a pass might make sense if you could ski other resorts under the Vail umbrella later in the season.
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