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Head Skis

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So my daughter demoed the Head Superjoys on some typical eastern hardpack this weekend.  She was like, "oh so that is what it feels like to carve without chatter and not feeling like it is not going to hold".  Her every day skis are the Koas.  SHe loves her Koas, a great all around ski but she was really enjoying the heads on the groomers.  Even in some mellow bumps, she had no issues.  Seemed stiff enough in the right places but forgiving enough in others.


She ripped on them.  And the nice thing about these skis, other than they just won't release at speed?  They are super light and nimble. about a guys version of this thing?  It sound like that graphene material is pretty nice stuff.  


I demoed the Rallys.  Also a special ski, especially for a guy that has not been on anything less than 100mm underfoot for the last eight years.  Almost bought it but just couldn't get myself to part with $900 bucks.  Ouch.



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You should have. smile.gif They're wont be many if any available when the late Feb. sales hit.
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