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I just picked up season rentals for my 10 and 12 year old daughters.  Both have same amount of time on skis  and are at about the same level.  They are somewhere between green and blue, between type 1 and type 2.  They handle green groomers with ease and are can handle blues.  The 10 year old needs a little help on steeper sections of blues.


Local shop put my 12 year old on 150 junior skis.  She is 5'1" and weighs about 90llbs.  She is tall and lanky and cautious skier.  The shop recommended 135 for the younger daughter who is shorter and stockier at 4"10" and also 90 lbs.  They did not have a "junior" ski so put her in a Salomon Xwing focus at size 135.  They said it is a beginner adult ski.  It appears a bit heavier and wider than the 150 junior ski for other daughter and has bindings with DIN up to 10 vs the 7 on the junior ski.


My questions:


Is the adult ski to much ski?  Should I try to find another shop to get her a 135 "junior" ski?  Or, is the ski fine as it is a beginner ski?


Bindings are set to "3" on both pairs.  Is the"3" on the adult ski the same as the "3" on the junior binding?


Just trying to be smart and safe so kids have another good year.  Of course this assumes we get some snow up here in PNW.