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Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving is having a peaceful, restful, and funfilled day!

We took a 4 mile walk down the railroad tracks, went up to Mt. Snow and saw there was No Snow, had the obligatory turkey and watched Jackass the Movie. :

An easy and wonderful day. I'm thankful for just about everything I have, own, and cherish. Life IS good indeed!
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Happy Thanksgiving to all, geez Bonnie, Jackass the movie, couldn't you find a more traditional flick to watch. Loved the jockstrap bungi jump part the best huh?

I did the anual Deer hunt with my Son and the inlaws. Hunting in the rain, wow!

Wifey did the turkey in a garbage can again this year. Fantasticly good as usual.

Watched a little football on the tube followed by Christmas Vacation, a family favorite.

Talked to my other Son in Colorado. Down to my Cousins in Westminster for Turkey. Going back to the Boat tomorrow for some skiing enjoyment. Said I70 closed yesterday after he got through, we should be so lucky, all it does here is rain.

All in all it's agood life to be thankful for.

My best to you and yours!
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Skied this morning with old friends...

Ate a great turkey dinner my wife prepared...

Listened to Alice's Restaurant...

A good day!!!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving as well.

Please have a thought for our solders in faraway places that could not be with their families today. May they all come home soon.
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Family, Family, Family
Everywhere I looked there was more family.
Some came from far, others were near.
We all converged on my brother's Inn.
There was "NO ROOM IN THE INN" (Oh, wrong holiday)

We had turkey and all the fixins, for those who didn't like turkey there was ham or lamb. Deserts, did someone say deserts. There were way too many of these. It seemed that everyone who came brought one of these.

After dinner some snoozed, some took a walk, others watched football, some played a dice game and others played cards. No one touched the deserts.

A good time was had by all!
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