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I asked this a few years back and didn't really get a definitive answer.

Does Snowmass have a day-lodge where you can leave street boots and change into ski boots? Also, what is the parking like? Shuttle to the base? Any deals on one-day lift tickets to be had? We'd like to do a day there from Vail.

Thanks everybody!
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This may answer some of your questions.


You can use the tag to quickly get to other Snowmass threads that may help (under Topics Discussed on right hand column).  Scroll down to the bottom of the Resorts page and click on More.

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There is a parking garage at the base of village express. I believe it ends up being around $40 to park all day, or you could park in an overflow lot for free and catch the shuttle a mile or so into the village. We parked in the garage and left our street boots in the car. I believe there are also rentable lockers somewhere near by, you can ask any Aspen employee.

As far as deals on single day tickets go, I can't really say. I have looked on Liftopia in the past for deals and have not really been able to come up with anything for a single day. So in that department you are on your own. I would also highly recommended giving Aspen Snowmass a call with any further questions. The number can be found on the website under 'Contact Us'. Hope this helped.
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Ticket deals are hard to find.  There are lockers up in the village, but that's all I know.


I rarely drive to Snowmass, but if Campground is open, the ski in/out Divide Lot is free.

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Last year I used the Town Park/Rodeo free parking lot to catch a bus to Snowmass.  Couldn't find anything like a day lodge to boot-up.  Found some outdoor bins placed along the Snowmass mall walkway apparently set up expressly for this purpose and stored our gear in one during the day. Shredhead's tip to use free Campground Parking lot to park and change clothes and boot-up out of your car sounds good.  FYI, Aspen Highlands had a small lodge for day visitors to boot-up including some indoor storage cubbies for gear.  It was near their bus drop.  I bought a three-day ticket from the Aspen website about a week in advance of my visit and got a small discount over ticket window.

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Consider parking at Two Creeks. Sometimes the parking is free, sometimes they charge depending on the date. The lot is close to the lift and there is a lodge with a restaurant and some shops. I can't remember if there are lockers, but it's a good possibility. Also, check to make sure the Two Creeks lift is running, because it doesn't always. Calling Aspen/Snowmass is a good idea. I've found over the years that the folks that work there are extremely friendly and helpful.

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At the base of the escalator (located just inside the automatic pedestrian doors in the parking garage near the gondola lift) there is a nice area (but not particularly private) with lockers and benches to change from street shoes to boots.  I used it every day I was there last year and found it to be very convenient.  



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