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Hi all,

I'm thinking about replacing my old Rossingol T1 tele skis with Nordica Wild Belles, but I'm not sure the Belles will be as good for telemarking as their reviews suggest they are for alpine. I tele mainly on piste, but also off trail, on intermediate slopes. I'm hoping to upgrade from my current relatively soft skis that are easy for initiating turns to a stiffer ski that will cut better through crud, stay stable at higher speeds, and help me keep up with the rest of my family on steeper slopes, while still being relatively easy to turn. I'm tiny - 92 lb and 5'1", so I need short skis. I've been looking in the range of 145 to 150 cm. My current skis are 150 and I think they're a bit long. I'd be grateful for any advice on whether the Wild Belles would be a good choice, what else might be better, and whether I have the right idea about length. Thank you, in advance, for the help!