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shin pain

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20 years ago I skied through the pain every weekend for 3 years straight. Sadly, the result of this is that to this day, even though I really don't ski more than a few days each season, at any time I can rub my shins and they hurt right where they hit the top of my stiff rear-entry boots when I would put extreme forward pressure on them. This year I am hoping to do a lot more skiing. Any suggestions?
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solution:  dont ski in rear entry boots anymore...


you will hvae to try a bunch of boots on and find one that is a bit taller or lower then the pressure point.     


also: most people want a boot to flex, and have even  pressure on the whole shim when they flex.  You should look for something that has more of the pressure lower on the shin.


best to find a good boot fitter in your area, and see if they can help you.

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