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A 3 Month Ski Season

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Im travelling Panama currently but now I'd like to fly to the US and do a ski season. This is costly, such as lift passes, accommodation and food. Not to mention I need all the gear.


Im wondering how to stretch my time out in a ski resort. Volunteering would be ideal, especially if I could get my lift pass included in that. Though I think that's a longshot. Volunteering in a hostel for food and accommodation I think is the most likely and has the most opportunities.


Before I start firing off dozens of emails to hostels and other companies at various ski resorts, Im wondering if anyone can recommend anything regarding opportunities to help stretch my budget a little further. Perhaps Canada is a better choice? But hopefully I'll get a working holiday visa for the next ski season so I can work in a resort for cash!


Thanks in advance, Ryan

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I'm not clear, if you don't own gear, how good your skiing is?  Here, in order to get a pass for volunteer work, you need to KNOW the mountain, as it would be the mountain Ambassador job.  So, they're not going to take you for that.  Liftie is a possible, as they occasionally "import" kids from South America who are ostensibly there for some kind of "hospitality" course.  Most of them don't seem to be that proficient skiing or boarding, when I've seen them.  Free passes only come with mountain jobs.  Most of which at this point, are probably filled except for possibly housekeeping.  After all, many areas are open, and most are about to open.  They've been advertising openings since August.  Maybe you are talking 15-16?  


The biggie to consider is housing, which generally speaking in ski areas is not cheap.  Those who are generally here only for the season are usually sharing an apartment with someone in the same boat, usually MANY someones.  Assume this is true for many places.  


The Visa thing I think MIGHT be easier in Canada.  Issues there may be what kind of passport you have, naturally your qualifications, etc.  It's really late to be considering this if you don't have a visa.  


Maybe next year.  

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