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Yuki! Your pm is FULL

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Your pm is FULL


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Originally posted by dchan:
Your pm is FULL


Yeah! Get rid of some of the "dead wood" I tried to send you one too!
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Me three!

What's so funny about Yuki's inability to take out the trash. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I have an error message and there is no longer a prompt that allows me to delete.

[img]redface.gif[/img] I'd be real embarassed but even my 13 year old couldn't figure it out.
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What is the error message?
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[img]smile.gif[/img] The delete prompt returned. Trash taken out. I think it was the same error that Lodro got ..... "could not return a true value" ...
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Help, I can't get into my In-Box.
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I swear! I didn't touch a thing ... I only clicked in this morning.

Now this funny little red light is blinking and the prompt says ..... "LAUNCH MISSLE NOW-CUBA" ....

Should I hit the prompt to see what happens? :
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What the hell, it's Thanksgiving. What's the worst that could happen??? Press the button Mr. President.
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