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Binding Suggestions for Soul 7's

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Purchasing a set of Souls in 188.  This will be my freeride, backcountry, powder ski.  Looking at bindings and thought I would get some opinions from the community.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  I'm 6'1" and 190lbs.  27.5 or 28 depending on feel.

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Tell us what you mean by back country and specifically, where? Are you planning on skinning?
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In Michigan (where I live) I ski Bohemia.  Out west I've only been to Telluride.  I'm making the move to the Souls based on last season and wanting a better ride in deeper snow.  I've been mostly a front side skier all these years and now find myself in love with the ungroomed deep stuff. I want to take it to another level.  I've considered getting skins and going all the way.  I'm liking the looks of the Rossignol FKS bindings and the Look Pivots.  Was curious to get some feedback from the folks here since so many of you live in the snow I dream of and can rarely ski. 

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For a non-skinning lift served binding, yes, do the FKS or Pivot. Easy choice and it extends the ski warrantee an extra season.
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Ok curious.....  If skinning what type of setup would I look at?  Thanks for your time......

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'Side country' stuff, some skinning, say less than 1500-2000' vert a few times a season, then a 'frame tour binding' like a Marker Baron or Duke, Tyrolia Adreneline, Solly/Atomic Tracker are the first call. You could go once step lighter in a Marker Tour F 10 or 12, but they aren't bindings I'd really want to ski hard inbounds. These will accommodate an alpine boot sole, and to varying degrees different 'walk mode' side country boot soles like Salomon and their Walk to Ride soles on the Quest pro series, etc... Some can accommodate an AT boot sole, but in most cases aren't testable to DIN release standards.

For skinning for the goods and no or very limited lift access, then you go full tech binding/tech boot set up. A dynafit ST/FT, a Daimer Vitec, or G3 Ion. Each of these have their pros and cons. The Soul 7 isn't a bad ski at all to put a tech binding on.

You have options. My first thought is just go ahead and mount up an FKS and ski while doing your research and due diligence. Sites like wildsnow.com can be incredibly helpful for getting up to speed on gear, etc.... And while an avalanche can happen in MI*, it's probably not a big deal to get too worried about this more than starting some reading on the subject a la Bruce Tremper's books and laying the groundwork for a larger understanding for trips in the future where it will be an issue.

(* a friend's sister was killed while sledding in a small slide on a small hill in Traverse City in the late 70's. )
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Thank you very much for your time and great info.

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