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Need help deciding on all mountain ski

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I have been skiing at least one week a year my entire life and have a season as well. I bought the Salomon Simon Dumont 2008 park ski in 2009 and it is now time for a new ski. I have redirected my favorite terrain to be off-piste powder and free ride. I have been looking into a lot of different skis, and have found a couple of skis that I really like, but I don't know if they are the perfect fit for me. I want a ski that I can take to the park every once in a while too, and does well on the regular slopes as well.

My height is 165cm.


The skis that I have been looking at and find quite interesting are:


K2 Shreditor 102

Line Sir Francis Bacon (Might be too wide for regular slopes?)

Salomon Q-105

Armada Norwalk


I lean mostly toward the K2 Shreditor, but since I want the best and most suiting ski I can get, I want to hear your opinions and/or alternatives. 

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You could add the Atomic Ritual or Atomic Theory. Great all-mountain twins that would do very well what you ask, I think

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You're supposed to help me narrow down my choices, not add to them ;)

But thanks, the Ritual looks really nice,

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Sorry, adding to the list... Volkl Bridge.  

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Thanks a lot. I like those.

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You are the same height as me! that doesn't happen often...Also I feel weight is more important than height.  A ski doesn't know how tall you are, but rather how much force you are pushing into it.


Anyway, where in the world do you ski? And I'm assuming you mean lift-accessed skiing so you dont care about weight.  A lot also depends on how you ski.  I'm partial to Line skis because I think they do a great job.  I'm buying the Chronics this year for on-piste skiing.  For off piste, depending on where you are, the depth of the pow you think you will hit, I'd take strong looks at the Line Sick Days (getting great reputations this year) and the Sir Francis Bacon that you have mentioned.  But also, look at Rossignol's 7 series. I think I'd go for the Soul 7 or Super 7 over the SFB because they are very fun skis and are lighter and noticeably less swing weight.

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Hey, thanks for the great advice. I am looking for a ski that I can use both on the piste and off-piste. I know that I cannot get one that is perfect for both, but since I am not skiing more than 14 days a year as things are now, I do not want to invest in one that is good for only powder and another that is good for the regular slopes. The ones you suggest might be too powder minded as far as I am concerned. This season I will be visiting Les Deux Alpes and Flachau. My weight is approximately 75kg and I like to think that I ski quite aggresively.

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