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Mountain Collective Mag

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Looks like the Mountain Collective is hitting the marketing hard. This just showed up in my mailbox.

It's a good looking magazine, even thicker than the Ski magazine that also arrived today. I get Ski as a "perk" of my Snowbird pass, I'd imagine the mountain collective mag came from the same mailing list.
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Is it pure advertorial, or is there actual content? The cover's a nice start. 

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There's some good content and the photos are very high quality.
Christian that wrote the New Era of Collaboration piece, is the guy that thought up
the MCP concept.
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I'm glad somebody else picked up on this.  My AltaBird pass got me started on Ski magazine, which I haven't looked at in years.  Now I know why.  It's completely vapid.  No real content at all, no stoke, just a hodgepodge of silly stuff about people I don't want to know, places I'll never go and gear that I have no use for.  I was amazed.  It lasted about 15 minutes before going into the recycle bin.  Then I got the Mtn Collective book a couple days later.  It actually stoked my stoke. Yes, it's advertorial, of course.  But it seems to actually target skieres, not people that want to appear to be skiers.

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