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Footbed takes up a lot of volume in RX130

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hello boot gurus!

I switched to a Lange RX130 this year, And they feel awesome. Shell fit is good, skied at Whistler on the weekend, and they feel great, except for one thing. When I had the stock footbeds in the boot, there was a lot of pressure on my instep. When I pulled them out and skied without footbeds the fit fell a lot better. I've got custom orthotics that I'd like to use, but there's no way they're going to fit. So I was wondering what options I would have to make this all work.

I'm in a 26.5 boot, am an instructor so I'll get 100+ days this year, and am located in Vancouver, if that helps. I have a nice boot fitter but he doesn't do the custom insoles work, those came from someone else. And asking you is something. I can do to get a bit more research while I'm in class smile.gif

If I have t get a new pair of ski-specific footbeds made up, I'm not adverse to that.

Thanks everyone!
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i would suggest getting a ski specific orthotic insert made up, there are some pretty thin products out there and it may not entirely be the thickness of the device causing the problems... if your foot is pronating the top of your foot is rolling into a lower part in the shell which will cause the pressure, support the foot correctly and it sits in the best place in the shell...not saying you won't need a bit of work done on the shell.  


whilst you describe your boot fitter is "nice" if they don't do custom insole then i am afraid to say they are nothing more than a boot seller, don't want to sound harsh, but that is the reality, a good boot fitter will do EVERYTHING that needs to be done to get a boot right for you

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Thanks for the reply CEM, there is a couple of pressure points I'll want to get punched for my bunions, would you suggest that the order of operations be footed first then shell mods, or the other way around?

Finally, do you happen to have a recommendation for a fitter in Vancouver BC? I'd rather not have to head up to Whistler if I can avoid it!
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as for order of works, footbed first then modifications, your foot position will most likely change when you are on a well made footbed, as for a recommendation in your area, i am afraid  i will have to leave that one to other folks on here who are a couple of thousand miles closer than i am...worth asking instructor colleagues as to who they use ( look for the ones who are smiling at the end of the day )

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Awesome you've been incredibly helpful! I guess I just need to find someone to ask on the hill. I'd ask my supervisor since he seems knowledgeable about these things, but he's never smiling at the end of the day. Don't think it's his hoots though, he just never smiles wink.gif
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