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Line Prophet 90 Vs. Nordica Steadfast

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Need some help.  I am an advanced/expert skier looking for some new skis. I'm 6 foot and weigh about 190 pounds.  I've narrowed my search to two skis: the Line Prophet 90 and the Nordica Steadfast.


I am Colorado skier and spend most of my days in bounds (my backcountry days are few and far between anymore).  I ski all-mountain and am looking for a ski that will balance the variety of terrain I ski - something that holds well on hardpack, but can handle steeps and some powder, trees, and bumps.  I ski a lot of bumps so while I don't need a mogul ski, I do want a do-it-all ski that can handle the bumps without too much difficulty.  I've been skiing (including a lot of bumps) on 182 Black Diamond Verdicts (107 MM underfoot) so anything will likely be an improvement in the bumps!


I've focused in on skis in the 85-90 mm underfoot range and based on what I've read the Line Prophet 90 and the Nordica Steadfast seem like the two skis that might best meet (balance) my needs.


I'd appreciate any input on 1) which of these skis might be better based on what I've described, and 2) are there any other skis that I may have dismissed that I should definitely be considering.  Part of the reason I selected these two is that I can find them at a more reasonable price than a couple other models of skis I might otherwise have included.


Appreciate any feedback!

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I am am very similar to you in size weight and skiier type etc and skied the Steadfast all last year. I did Demo the Line prophets and really liked them and would give the edge to the Line if you will spend more time in the bumps and if you need to slow it down with the kids etc. Its a really smooth stable ski that is a great all rounder.


I really loved the Steadfast and wish I had it 10 years ago when I could really push it to its limit.. The ski is all wood but really strong and super fast. I found the the tails are pretty stiff I thought and it makes an awesome East coast DD but I found it a little tough in bumps because of the size of the shovel and the stiff tail. The top sheet also gets pretty banged up and chipped easy but not sure if you care about that. I ended up selling them for a strong price and buying a pair of Fischers for dirt cheap and haven't looked back.



good luck!

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I think I have to agree, if you spend more time on soft snow and bumps the Line is a good choice. For back here in the east, the Steadfast is a great ski.

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Steadfast for more firm snow, little too stiff in front of the boot for bumps in my opinion.

Line more versatile.

I'd choose the Line.

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Thanks all. Very much appreciate the feedback.

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Originally Posted by JSudmeier View Post

Thanks all. Very much appreciate the feedback.
I can't say anything about the Line, but I picked up a pair of Steadfasts in March after I demoed them in Colorado. They are very fast and loved speed as much as I did. They carved extremely well and handled powder in the bowls very well also. I am a horrible bump skier so I can't say anything there.
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Line is my DD for everything you mentioned.  I use it here in the east and it has been my ski of choice for the past 3 years.  I even got rid of my Kendos since they are both similar.  Just like the feel of the Line better.  Can not comment on the other since i have not used it.

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Just tried the Line Prophet 90 in Telluride for 3 days.  I'm 6' 185 lbs and ski bumps all day.  I always use all mountain skis so I can jump into trees, chutes, ets. The Prophet 90s could be a bit softer in the tip for jamming into the bump in front of you and I'm not a big fan of tail rockers but I can't buck the current trend.  That said, they're were great.  They weren't as fast edge-to-edge as some I've skied, but they held an edge so well, I didn't need them to be.  They also performed very well in crud, on morning ice, and in the trees.

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