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Snowmass Parking

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I am planning a trip to Colorado next March, and was going to do the Summit county area again because I can use my Holiday Inn free nights in Frisco. Then this morning I see there is a Holiday Inn in Snowmass(is this new, I'm pretty sure I checked before?) and it's the same amount of points. Problem is, they list parking as $40 a night. I would rather ski Copper again than pay $40 a night to park a free rental car. Are there other options? I see on the website they list free and cheaper parking in the village, but can you leave a car there over night or are they just for daily parking. I would like to ski somewhere new, but $40 a night for a car ain't happening.
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Evidently it is the old wildwood right in the village. Parking in the village is a pain and expensive. Your best bet is to dump the car at the intercept lot (free) and ride the bus (also free). You won't need a car while you are there and it is actually more of a hassle using it to go into Aspen as you have to find a place to park the damn thing.
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Holiday Inn must have purchased or leased the Wildwood.  That properties been cursed ever since Ted Bundy abducted a girl there.




Fly into Aspen.


Check in, then park at the Rodeo Lot or the Intercept lot, then take the free bus back up the hill.

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Just what I was looking for, thanks. I don't plan/want to have to touch the car until we leave. Just wanted to make sure those free lots let you leave cars overnight and not clear them out every night. I would even be willing to hitchhike quite a ways instead of pay $160 for a parking spot. Now if it was my car and they were going to put it inside, detail it, and throw in some routine maintenance, then they could get me.
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