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Utah shuttle/public transport?

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OK - here's my low grade question as an epic-pass holder thinking about a first time trip to Utah:


How is public transport from the airport-ski resorts and within/between the resort towns (PCMR/canyons)?  I'm a bit frustrated with the internet so can anyone clue me in on the best, lowest price, service for a solo? (and alternatively, any to avoid).  Is the public transport good enough to go  to the resort/grocery/town?


Thanks much.

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I think you need a shuttle or rental to get from the airport to town, unless you're staying somewhere that provides shuttle service, and I have no idea whether that even exists.

Regarding your other question, are you talking about transport between the Cottonwood Canyon area and Park City? Or are you staying and skiing in Park City? Getting around in Park City sounds easier--here's a link to the free shuttle I found on PCMR's website.
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Since the OP was talking about getting to Epic/Vail resorts in UT, I think he means Canyons and Park City. Using the link provided by litterbug, it does look possible to get from SLC airport to/from Park City Canyons Transit Hub and Park City Transit Center for $7 using Public Transportation - see for the PC-SLC Bus Connection. The caveat is that you cannot pack may than you can carry on and off light rail or bus and service from downtown SLC to Park City ($4.50 - exact change) is very limited, as it's only available early and late in the day (peak commute times) since it looks like it is for people to get to and from work.


When I flew into SLC last Feb, I took TRAX  ($2.50 can use credit card) to downtown SLC, walked around as much as possible while carrying skis and dragging roller duffle with my boot bag on top of it. After making sure I knew where to catch first late afternoon commuter bus to where I was staying in Cottonwoods Heights, I went into bar, leaned skis and bags against wall and had a beer. One guy getting on bus complained about how much space I and my bags were taking as I think I was in his usual spot. Bus driver was very accomodating and would have dropped me across street from friend's house, but I was OK with very short walk across parking lot.


You should be able to get around Park City without a car. But having one is recommended if you want to go to UT ski areas in the Cottonwood Canyons, where they get more snow and usually have much better snow conditions in the spring.

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Bus or train into SLC $2.50 every 15 mins  You might need a transfer to get to the main SLC bus terminal.


SLC bus terminal to PC on the 901 or 902 route $4.50


Watch out for considerable reductions weekends and holidays.


Good internal free bus service in PC


Looked into this in depth a couple of years ago but decided in the end to rent a car for the flexibility.

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You're going to pay about $50 each way for a seat in a van from the airport. Lots of options for airport to Park City and back.


Once in Park City, there's an extensive free bus system to get you to the resorts, downtown, etc.


I've always rented a car since it seems silly to go all that way and spend all the time at the Park City resorts, but with an epic pass I can see camping out in Park city and skiing for free.  You can do it without a car.  If you want to hit Alta or Snowbasin, you'll want a car.


I think there are day excursions via shuttles to other resorts from Park City, but by the time you pay the additional shuttle fee you can probably just rent a car for the week.

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