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Storing the gear?

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Looking for some help today. We need to build some ski storage in the basement & I'm seeking ideas!

Post up your pics of what works & dream set ups.
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If you want, you can type ski storage in the search engine, you'll find a couple of threads with some nice picks from last year or before!

I was searching for the same thing last season...:D

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You must be a Tahoe skier. Time to put away the skis for the season. 

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My wife didn't care how I stored my skis in the garage, it just had to be neat and tidy.  This is what I came up with:



The tails are sitting on a 2" ledge that's about 6" off the floor.  They are hanging from a wall mounted garden tool organizer that I found at Home Despot.

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Looks like you need to expand that rack!  ;)

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If you don't mind hanging them by the tips off the ground. This is what my mud room looks like.


In the summer I move them to the basement equipped with a commercial dehumidifier.

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This is the single best storage "thing" that we incorporated into the tuning room at our ski house. Those plastic bins are pretty much a standard size, which can be bought at Staples, or any other similar office store. You can see inside, as they are clear. In addition, we've labeled them with white electric tape. Those shelves were built to fit them. There is a HUGE amount of tuning equipment, wax, etc. stored right there. 


We have a big walk-in storage closet upstairs in the house, and we have built similar shelving there to store a separate set of bins. In those we have clothing, gloves, googles, shin pads, hats, etc. Some are sorted by the contents, like "goggles", some are sorted by the user; "mom, dad", etc. We have some spare clothing for guests, we have some that kids have outgrown, and we always had that sorted when the kids were growing {they're three years apart}. Some stuff to pass on to others, some saved to fit number 2, some that was bought big and waiting for Number 1. 


Same basic drill. Easy to see. Easy to get at, and a TON of stuff stored in a contained area. In that closet we also have a long closet pole with shelves over it, and we can store a lot of clothing off season. 


I saw a bin system, with wire bins, in a college equipment room. I wanted to have closed containers, be able to avoid dust, use moth balls for some clothing, etc. Saw some office stuff being delivered in a bin, lightbulb went off.


It's worked for us for many years…………real well. 


Storing skis……we have a LOT of wall space, and those two closets are lined with Dri-tek flooring. In the summer, they all go upstairs into two dry spaces.One is the storage closet {which was actually a small bedroom in the plans}. 


By the way, if you're really interested, the house is for sale……...



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I'm going with the 'dangling from tips' approach as well.  Last year I ran across a set of Ski Key snowboard racks on our local eBay.  I'm planning to mount them high enough to dangle all of our skis, much like KingGrump's setup above.  It should hold at least ten pair of skis, which is (usually) enough for us.  I'll mount the rig on a hardwood back board, and add a few hooks to hang poles.

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I also have a hanging rack, but I hang twin tips and ones with a significant flare in the back from their tails.  I have no objective reason, it's just a gut feeling that it's better than from the tips.

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My Palmers would slip right through most of y'all's tip racks because the tips don't have enough rise or spring in them to press against the two dowels.

So I make a 10 inch loop of 3mm paracord and twist it around the tips at the contact point in a figure 8.    I can then hang the skis from *one* dowel without counting on the resiliency of the skis.


Those of you worried about long-term warp or twist might try that method.    And irip's Blossoms don't look like they have much tip rise either. 

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