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How was Utah today?

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I just need some reports anytime to entertain myself until I'm there in February smile.gif

Especially on the days when Utah Canyon Alert Police texts appear on my phone!

Thanks, you lucky #$%&@s!

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This was Alta's report at the end of today: and it's supposed to snow a few more inches tomorrow.
Past 12 hrs:  6"      Past 24 hrs:  12"     Storm total:  36"     YTD 63"
Snowbird, Alta, Brighton and Solitude are all open, but with very limited terrain, although more should be opening for the holiday weekend.  It has been real windy, but we got some patches of sunshine on and off the last two days.  Yesterday was deeper but heavier.  Today was very sweet, especially considering the date.  Still need about another 3 feet to open up the steep terrain, but nobody is complaining.
Some guy posted this on TGR today on the Wasatch Stoke thread.  It is backcountry right next to Solitude.  It should give you a good idea of the current conditions, although there is almost no consolidated base.

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Skied alta this afternoon with a buddy after we both skipped out of work. There is actually alot of terrain open. We thought we were having a pretty good time after a few laps, but we ended up having a great time after patrol dropped ropes around 2pm to the following: high traverse to race course, freds, saddle traverse, lower west rustler. All this terrain off collins lift had about 2 feet of untracked powder. We did 5 laps without hitting hardly any rocks or stumps.  We could not believe the coverage this early. Awesome! 


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Nice. Stay safe!
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Did you notice the thread about Snowbird?  Has good pics of the first few days of the 2014-15 season.

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I did not. Thanks!
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Great pics of Brighton in November from Martin Bell.

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