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Salomon Quest Pro Pebax fit adjustments

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Earlier this fall I bought a used pair of Salomon Quest Pro Pebax (alpine soles) boots off of eBay. The seller claims they were only used for one day and heat molded once. Wear on the boots is very minimal, so that might be true. Anyway, I saw the boots on eBay with no bids just before the auction ended and snagged them for $99! Prior to these boots I'd been skiing a pair of Salomon boots that I've had for 20+ years. They were great boots in the day with custom footbeds and were incredibly comfortable. However, with my kids getting older we're starting to ski a lot more often and I needed something new, and for the price I decided to grab these and see how they work out. 


So... I got out on Sat. skiing for the first time this year and after about 2 runs (at a MN 200' vertical hill) it was all I could do to hobble back into the chalet and pull them off as my feet were going numb.


I played around with the "micro-adjust" buckles and got things adjusted to the point that I could finish the day of skiing, but every time I came in I had to take the boots off and had red "hot spots" on the top of my foot and the soles of my feet ached on the outside edge as well. At least I made it through the day without any blisters, so that's something.


Talked with my local (90 miles away) ski shop and heat molded the liners at home on Sunday. Wore them around the house for 45 minutes or so and they seem better, but still not perfect. I did remove two extra footbed "spacers" from each boot. I'm assuming the seller had added these as they had the look of a generic item, but I'm not positive on that. They were roughly an 1/8" thick each and the exact same shape as the removable plastic footbed in the boot. I think the spacers may have been the cause of the pain on the outside edge of my foot as they were rather small and I'm assuming my foot was hanging over the edge of the spacers.


I also adjusted the canting, as I noticed they were leaning out (bowlegged) so I changed that so they're more straight up and down now. Hopefully that will help some with the pain/pressure on the outside of the foot as well. Obviously these are things I probably should've looked at a bit more closely before wearing them for the first time, but didn't.


I head out to Keystone tomorrow with my kids for Thanksgiving. We plan to ski 3-4 days out there and with staying at Keystone we might pull some long days with night skiing. If all fails I'll rent or buy a pair of boots out there if these continue to pain me, but am wondering if anyone has suggestions on other things to look at or think about?

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start with reading that, and checking a few things and answering a few questions.



also, can you not just ski with the toe buckles looser?  or maybe off?  thinner socks?

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Just wanted to post a quick follow-up. Turns out that thermal forming the liners and fixing the canting took care of my problem. Skied three days straight at Keystone/Breck/A Basin over Thanksgiving with no problems!

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