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I think the phenomenon/area in question is the Beringia land bridge during the last ice age:  The connection between North America and Siberia.  Somewhere up around where those Deadliest Catch guys go crabbing.


But regardless, we do talk funny, and the original road up that way was only put in in 1940, with the current incarnation of the Icefields Parkway opening in 1963.  Still a lonely road in the off season.  No cell reception and fairly minimal winter maintenance (compared to major highways).


The 'light of day' is up at the foot of the glacier which has retreated significantly in the past decades.  They have markers on the ground showing previous extents: 1930, 1940, 1950 etc.  Not rock layers or anything, just the basal moraine of the glacier which now sits exposed for all to see.


Tons of stuff to see and do up there.  A wonderful place, especially during the off season.  Mountains, glaciers, and forests for miles.

Thanks - I see now, this is way after the last Ice Age - thanks for the reference - learnt something new. And I now understand the 'light of the day' the glacier floors or all the different ones are getting exposed as the planet heats up. Thank you. And yes, one needs to visit, what is the ideal time of year i.e. least road disruptions, great views and perhaps like Kitchener, your older one - walk upto that giant Athabasca glacier, it really looks big frankly comparable at least in his picture to the Vatnajokull in Iceland.

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If its not a ski holiday (when its best March-April) the prime visiting period is after the lakes are clear (mid June on)

The fine dust created by the movement of the Glaciers makes the colours of the lakes spectacular. 

The effect of the suspended silt in the lakes is really something to see.

There is also a lot more open in terms of hiking and other attractions for all ability levels.

But don't casually stroll out on to a Glacier. There have been a number of deaths from that.

Lots of tours available to do it safely.

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But don't casually stroll out on to a Glacier. There have been a number of deaths from that.



I read that!  Showed it to Young Skywalker when I did (after our trip and his long-a** walk) -- not sure how far he went after he disappeared from my view, but I do remember wishing we were wearing the walkies that day because I wasn't thrilled when I couldn't see him any longer.

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The best time to visit is when the weather is nice!  But that can't always be guaranteed....


As with any mountainous region, pushing for an early season visit will often put you at the tail end of ski season: snow.  Starting in late June the snow is typically melting out of the high country, sometimes that lingers into July.  Of course July/Aug are the busiest for tourists and traffic but it still isn't completely insane like some famous national parks in the Lower 48.


One of my favorite times is early September.  The bulk of the tourists have gone home, the high elevation hiking is usually snow free, and the weather is still nice and the nights are getting a bit cooler.  There are also a few really nice HI 'Wilderness' hostels up the Icefields Parkway.  Great places to stay if you want a bed and a roof.  Bring your own food. 

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Got it, this summer is out but it has been on bucket list for a while, want to tie it to skiing, otherwise long way to go ... Kitchener's pics are pretty remarkable esp with his kids in it...

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Tie it to skiing?  Certainly.  It's a great winter trip.  Tons of backcountry and snowshoeing to do up that way.  No groomed XC trails so everything is skier tracked or trail breaking.  The big focus is on touring in avalanche terrain and on glaciers, but if that ain't your thing, there's still a lot of lower hazard country to ramble around in.  Also, if you're resort skiing at Jasper and Banff/Lake Louise the drive is a fantastic connector and rest day.  But just be warned, if there's a big storm system or icy conditions the Icefields Parkway may not be open and then you'd be forced to take the long way around on the flat prairies.

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I just booked a pretty reasonable RT flight ($240 USD) from Seattle to Calgary for May 15-18, so will be finally able to use my MCP for Banff and ski the last weekend of the season at Sunshine (I think Lake Louise closes the week before).

This thread has been helpful, I will be staying at the Worldmark in Canmore. Probably will rent a car. I'm debating whether to take a pair or two of skis, or just pack light and avoid checking luggage, and rent demo skis. I'm traveling solo.


Anyone available to meet up? @CanmoreBruce ?
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I'd love join you for skiing but I think I'm locked into biking that weekend.  I hope you have a great trip.  With any luck you'll have bluebird skies and corn snow!

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How is the trip going? Wish I had seen your post before now as I was skiing at Sunshine yesterday (May 16) for a day trip.

Were conditions better today than they were yesterday? Couldn't believe how much rain was falling. The skiing was still fine and the rain kept the numbers down. I was absolutely drenched by the time I stopped skiing at about 3 pm. It was my last day of the season so I wasn't going to let some rain and slush stop me.

The best snow conditions were off the Divide chair but I only skied off of it, the Angel chair, and the Wawa chair yesterday. Visibility was an issue for the first few meters from the top of the Divide chair but after that it was fine.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and the Slush Cup tomorrow. Rail Jam was definitely entertaining yesterday.
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I also got drenched after lunch on Saturday.. At times it was snowing on top of Angel and Divide, then rain at about tree line. I also stopped at 3pm.

The next day there was a layer of clouds above the village (around the steep part of Lookout) but absolutely clear on top. I think I did about 6-8 runs first thing on Divide while groomer tracks were still fresh. Each lap the cloud layer was lower until it was all pretty clear and mostly sunny. With the trace of new snow the bumps skier's right of Divide were in much better shape. Had several nice runs on Olympic. Things warmed up pretty quickly and by noon things were getting cut up and slushy, and I was fighting to slide along at a consistent speed on the flats. Very grabby snow. At that point I took some more laps at Standish since there iwas more consistent fall line skiing.

I did not go for the slush cup on Monday. It wasn't sunny enough for me in the morning, and I only had the morning before I had to leave Canmore to catch my flight. I did hike up to Grassi Lakes.

So, I had fun. I would love to return when Goat's Eye is open, and where the new Teepee Town chair is going. That looked like the best terrain at the resort. I demoed about a half dozen Salomon skis, liked the XDrive 8.8 the best.

Nice people everywhere and staff were friendly and courteous.

Sadly my iPhone was in my swimsuit pocket in the hot tub at my condo 😱. After 20 minutes I realized I had done something stupid. Phone dead, pictures lost. 😦

So I guess I'll have to come back someday and take pictures again. When you can actually see anything the views are spectacular.
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Not sure if you saw these reports and pictures from when I used one of my MCP days at Sunshine in February. See


It's hard to believe it ever gets cold enough to rain there. Lake Louise, where we went the previous day, had slightly better scenery.

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Classic!  But, aren't hot tub condo's au natural?



Originally Posted by DesiredUsername View Post

Sadly my iPhone was in my swimsuit pocket in the hot tub at my condo 😱. After 20 minutes I realized I had done something stupid. Phone dead, pictures lost.
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Not in this case, the Worldmark resorts are family-friendly.


As it turns out, I got my new iPhone 6,and lo and behold, the pics were automatically uploaded to my Photo Stream, just didn't show up right away.  However it was still pretty overcast and the pics aren't that great. Might post some later when I have some more time.

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