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Skimag demo days

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i was wondering if anyone knew when and where Ski magazine would be holding demo days for 2014/2015 and how I could get involved.

Any info would be helpful! I thought I heard about a day at Snowbird but can't seem to find any info
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I was looking at the latest Skiing issue and it is in the back of that mag, I'm pretty sure at Snowbird in April. My daughter took the mag so I don't have the exact reference. I think there is a web site to go to to register or enter to maybe get picked.

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If you are a "retail customer" this may be what you're looking for.  Snowbird is featuring a "SKI Fantasy Camp" this season:  "Ski testers wanted for a VIP weekend of skiing and dining with the elite team of SKI Magazine editors, testers and pro-skiers in the most highly acclaimed ski test in the industry."

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