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Happy Birthday to....

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Well,Ladies and Gentlemen, I surrender to this streak of egocentricity.
Happy Birthday to me.
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Happy Birthday, Matteo!

Hope you have a great day, and a great season!

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Happy Birthday, Matteo. Many happy returns!
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Quaff an ale or two or three for you Absolutely Fabulous birthday, Matteo!
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Happy Birthday Matteo!!!
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Happy Birthday and many more . . . .

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ONE big giant Happy Birthday
From one Scorpio to another. I'm the 13th

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Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have many more!
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Happy Birthday Matteo,

Another year and prayers for continued good news and health.

P.S. The church finally got their permits to start construction. (9 months!) Luckily the roof was replaced under an special provision but nothing else has been done up till now!
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Happy Birthday Matteo, hope you are enjoying life at whatever age you are at.
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Buon Compleanno!


[ November 13, 2003, 02:20 AM: Message edited by: DB ]
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Thank you my friends.
Let's say that I'm old enough to remember that I watched the
man landing on the moon in 1969...but barely .

dchan, keep praying! So far, so good!

And, LU, Happy Birthday to you!!
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Joyeux aniversersaire Matteo.
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Happy Birthday! Does this mean a night on the town in Milan?
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Merci beaucoup Frenchie!
Lucky, no, it was my night with the children...so was a quiet night home with them. But to me was a very nice present.
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