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Dislocated knee cap

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Second day out on skis, and i popped my patella. Couldn't get it back in myself, so it was out for 2 to 3 hours before the doc (sadist?) pushed it back.

Anybody have experience with this injury.

Hurt like hell while it was displaced.
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Originally Posted by manchester81 View Post

Second day out on skis, and i popped my patella. Couldn't get it back in myself, so it was out for 2 to 3 hours before the doc (sadist?) pushed it back.

Anybody have experience with this injury.

Hurt like hell while it was displaced.



How did you do it? I did mine 8 times as a teenager: only one full dislocation where it sat out there, seven others where it came back on its own. But not once did I do it skiing, somehow. 


It is probably helpful to find out if your patella tracks right or not. I was susceptible to it because my patellas don't sit in the groove correctly. Sometimes dislocations just happen, though, and you aren't necessarily prone to doing them again. 

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Part of it's an anatomic issue. Shallow femoral groove and muscular asymmetry.

I also injured that knee a few times playing soccer. One contact injury let to a partial dislocation.

I've had numerous partials Since, but was always able to kick it back in place. It's been quiet for a while now, so I haven't really worried about it.

Yesterday it popped when doing s kickturn, skinning up. The rotation on the outside (trailing) leg did it. As before, I immediately collapsed, but being attached to my skies, I couldnt straighten my leg. My body was downhill from my feet, and it was really hard to release from my binding. By the time I was out, everything had seized up. Evac took a while and there was quite a bit of force needed to push it back.

Prescription seems to be a period of rest followed by intense physical therapy, to deal with the acute and chronic issues.
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Once the cap is dislocated, there is a higher chance of it to dislocate frequently. One needs to take proper rest and good care of the knee. Give it some time to settle down on its socket. Physical therapy will be an immediate but effective solution. I've been under physical therapy couple of months back after Ligament breakage, at Dynamic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic ON, and they might be helpful for you.

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I've dislocated and subluxed my patella within a year. I got surgery to fix it, since it wasn't tracking correctly after that. That was a dozen years ago, and since then I've been able to strengthen it to the point where I don't have any limitations, however yesterday while skiing, I felt a loose body in the joint that aggrevated me when turning right.
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Same story here. I have had subluxation of my left kneecap three times. MRI revealed a shallow femoral groove and I am very pronated so muscular asymmetry as well. All three instances were getting into a low car on the driver's side. My habit was to put my right foot in first, sit, then pull in my left leg. The problem was the angular stress on my left knee when I transferred my weight to sit. POP - excruciating pain. I now get into cars like a woman in a tight skirt. Turn 90 degrees, plant my bum then bring in the legs. Gym time to strengthen leg and knee musculature helps too but it still aches sometime. I anticipate arthritis in that knee in the hopefully distant future.


After consulting with a physio who is a brace specialist. I now wear this brace on my left knee whenever doing risky activities like skiing or dirt biking. It is specifically designed to hold/push the kneecap in position. Less than $100 and covered by my medical plan and it fits under my leathers and ski pants no problem

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I've started taping mine and that seems to help quite a bit.


Just a few weeks ago I knocked it partly off with my own tennis racquet. yeah. I had not felt that sensation since I was 16 (had a lateral release back then), and boy did that suck. I rested a few days, but it is getting more sore than normal after skiing, so I'm pretty sure I raked another little piece of bone out of the kneecap. I don't think I have any cartilage left on either patella. Have been keeping an eye on treatment advances, don't need anything quite yet but never have had injections or anything. Doctor says patellar PKRs are in future but that science isn't there yet imo.

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Thanks for the info guys.

I'll keep the forum posted on the recovery.
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Yup, me too. Clipless pedal failed to release.   Mountain biked home for 1 hour with one leg.  Sports doc managed to straighten my leg the next day.


Year of physio to try and fix it, followed by lateral release surgery, followed by physio, followed by stints with trainers and other rehab types.  Ortho said that if I was a young fellow he'd do more radical surgery to correct some root causes.  The fun never ends!


My only big advice is to find good professionals to guide you through rehab.  Work on the entire kinetic chain (some folks will tell you it's all about the quads and VMO, others will obsess over your glute medius, some your glute max:  the correct answer is all of the above and more).  


That Tru-Pull brace looks interesting.  I had a different DonJoy (lateral J?) brace that didn't do diddly.  But it was good for keeping my knee nice and sweaty.


Good luck!

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An  hour back on the bike? That must have been tough!



I'll be visiting the acute knee injury clinic at u of c soon. 

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Originally Posted by manchester81 View Post


I'll be visiting the acute knee injury clinic at u of c soon. 

Please give us a TR on that experience as it may be in my own future, maybe sooner, maybe later.

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Yeah, it was no fun.  Normally it takes me much less than an hour to ride home from that point but 1 leg = half the speed!


I was going to call for a rescue, but then I figured I'd probably get eaten by a cougar before they got to me, so best to keep moving and get home :D 


Best of luck with the folks at UofC, I hope they get you sorted out!  

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If y'all can't find what you need in Calgary, check with Banff Sports Medicine, I think a referral is required.


They stitch up a lot of skiers knees in Banff.  

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Came back from the knee clinic today. The doc was pretty helpful, I'll be visiting again in 3 weeks. He's estimating 2 to 3 months for full recovery, which is s bit longer than I had hoped. Did a few more X-rays. They look good at least. No decision on surgery. Will wait to see the outcome of rehab.

Off crutches and into this brace.

Physio starts next week.

And it finally started snowing!
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thanks for the update. Good luck

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