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Ski length

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I am 6 feet tall, and about 150 pounds. I live on the east coast and ski mostly east coast mountains, with a west coast trip about once a year. I ski pretty much on any terrain, including glades, park, groomers, moguls, and powder whenever it comes. I'm looking into getting the Line Chronics at 171 cm. Is this a good size considering my height, weight, and the type of things I ski?

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I would say go one size up.  

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Size would be ok for all-round eastern skiing given your weight.  I'm not so sure about the ski though (just going by reviews).

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Guessing from your height weight ratio and your mention of Chronics that you are 15 +/- and you spend a lot of time in the park with your buds. Am I way off base? It's really a park ski. If that's what you want it will be great for the next four months. Next year when you weigh 180 not so much. If you want a real all mountain ski this probably isn't it. Apologies if I'm reading way too much into your post and you're really a fifty year old female cardiologist.
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