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Windham Mountain, NY, Second Day of their Season [TR with video]

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I've been fiending for snow since Easter, which was my last trip. When Hunter announced that Friday the 21st would be their opening day, I decided that that's where I would be. Then Windham announced that they too would open on Friday the 21st. Hunter takes pride in their snowmaking, yet Windham had more open trails, and is in general a less crowded mountain. I chose Windham.


Woke up at 4:20 in the morning, and drove up from NYC. I arrived to some nearly empty parking lots shortly after 8am. Bought my lift ticket ($52), changed into the ski gear, and rode the A lift to the summit. 


Now, there really wasn't much "warming up," as, with only 12 available trails, the warm up trail would be the same trail I would be skiing on all day. However, I took it easy on the first run down, as it's been half a year. The snow was packed powder, and softened up by about 9am (by which time I had already made three runs). 


Any trails that were in the sun were being skied heavily, getting chopped up, and forming bumps, but the snow was soft, and more than deep enough to not gouge your skis, and to fall without being injured (though I wasn't making a habit of falling today). For anyone who likes big moguls though, there were none. Upper Wolverine was open, but it was more like a series of hills to ski down, rather than the mogul field I remember from last season (oh, and by the way, I skied it for the first time, double black, without falling! - I'm still a newb, so I take a small measure of pride in that).


There were stashes of powder all over the lower portions of the mountain till about 11am, by which time, they'd been thoroughly skied or ridden. 


I never waited more than 2 chairs, and that was rare. It was pretty much ski onto the lifts. If only they would move to RFID cards, so you didn't need to wait for the guy with the scanner to check your ticket.


Overall, while the mountain had only a limited number of trails (mostly blue, two double black, and two green), the quality of the snow Windham has pumped out was top notch, and I didn't get bored, even though I was lapping all day. If you need an early season fix, I can't say anything bad about the mountain.



This is my first time using a GoPro to record a ski run. Forgive the shakiness, forgive the too close a mount when I put it on my ski pole. The sloppy skiing, well, hell, that's all on me. Forgive me though, since this was only my 11th day on skis :)

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Way to make the effort to get in some turns and I like your enthusiasm. I think you're skiing pretty well especially with less than a dozen days under your belt.

Have a great season !
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Great early season TR!  Looking forward to others.


You certainly are doing great for only having skied one season!


Glad conditions are looking good in the Catskills already.  I'm headed up to the Adirondacks soon.

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