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Just wanted to say 'hi'

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I just joined and wanted to say hi and introduce myself.
I'm moving into the Boston area and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for skiing around there. I've been skiing for about 8 years now, mostly in New York. I'm ready for the season to start and get on the trails!
If anyone ever wants a skiing buddy, let me know, I'm up for it! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Welcome, Hughto! What's you nick all about? Related to Hef?

Got time to do the Eastern Tune Up? There's a great way to meet some cool Bears!
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Originally posted by Bonni:
[QB]Welcome, Hughto! What's you nick all about? Related to Hef? QB]
Hughto is my last name. Most people can't pronounce it, so I'm always correcting people. Since High School I've been using Hefner as a pronouncation tool... "Its 'Hugh' as in Hefner and 'toe' as in your foot. So not too far off there!

What is the Eastern Tune Up all about? I saw that it was at Stowe in December, and I can try to make it.
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Warmest welcome to EpicSki, Hughto! I'm glad you found us.

You might want to repeat your "where to ski near Boston" question in the Resorts section of the Forums. You'll probably get a lot of responses there. And try the "Meet on the Hill" section to arrange to ski with other EpicSki "Bears."

Finally, I'll second the invitation to join us at the Eastern Tune-Up at Stowe in December. It's the ideal way not only to get your skiing off to a great start for the season, but to get to know one of New England's premiere resorts. Click on the link above, or check out the EpicSki Academy Planning section of the Forum to learn more or ask questions.

Enjoy EpicSki!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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welcome to the forum and to boston...

this week you'll want to get to the SnowSports Expo at the BaySide (in South Boston/Dorchester area)... it runs from thurs night to sunday at 6pm. look in the boston globe or online for a coupon for discounted admission

if you're alone and like to take trips (day, weekend, or week-long) - check out:

Boston Ski and Sports Clubs

From Boston the skiing is excellent, I highly advise visiting the websites for these mountains:

day trips
- www.waterville.com/winter
- www.loonmountain.com
- www.mountsunappee.com
- www.mountsnow.com

- www.sugarloaf.com
- www.sundayriver.com
- www.okemo.com
- www.stowe.com
- www.sugarbush.com

Killington is very popular among the younger/partying crowd. Jay PeaK and Mad River Glen are more "hard core" places.

Night skiing one hour west of boston is also an option
- www.wachusett.com

good luck and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!
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Thanks for the info! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Its great help!
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Hughto, welcome to EpicSki [img]smile.gif[/img]

I hope to see you at ETU!
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