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9.0 Course X-Scream

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Anyone know where I can still find this boot, or what the equivilant is today. The 9.0 Course X-Scream is said to be a narrower boot than the X-Waves which I think are too wide for me. I don't want a balls out racing boot either.
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you'll have an easier time finding them if you delete the "9.0" from the front. That's not part of the name!

I ski the Course X-Scream, so does dchan. excellent boot, even if it is a bit too stiff on cold days. fantastic responsiveness, well-designed shell, comfy liner, nice adjustability. Fits like a traditional Lange race boot fit - forefoot is sort of roomy, snug at ball of foot, midfoot is average, heel pocket is snug.

look around for the Course X-Scream.
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Thanks, I saw the "9.0" listed on another post. Is this the boot you have?picture
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yep, that's the one. Salomon may have identified it as the "9.0" but I've never seen the 9.0 designation anywhere but on that Skiing Magazine review. The box didn't identify them as anything but Course X-Scream. The 9.0 is redundant. It was Salomon's designation that year for "top of the line" but you couldn't get any Course series boots that were not "top of the line." Weird.

Footlooose Sports (www.footloosesports.com) also gives a few words about the boot. Check their website.
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