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So I have a pair of 2012/13 188CM Rossignol S7s mounted with fritschi freeride pro bindings(the newest model FR pro with the mustard yellow heel). After skiing about 10 days on them I decided I didn’t really like the ski. I thought it felt soft/noodly at speed and that I could only ski it in the back seat. The ski just didn’t feel like it wanted to charge aggressively. I am unsure if this is because the s7 is a softer ski, or because the fritschi ramp angle is so low that it sets the riders weight back. Part of me wants to get a stiffer/damper ski and put tech bindings on them and have them be a designated touring ski. I may still do this but if I can make some slight modifications and turn these skis into something I love to ride then that is worth the effort. everyone raves about the S7 so I'm starting to think it might not be the ski, but the binding, that is the source of the problem. for reference, I've also got a pair of the previous years super7s that I absolutely LOVE. they charge, they're agile, and playful. I realize this is a stiffer ski but they still have a very similar body design.

In the process of doing some research I learned that the fritschi bindings have very little forward ramp angle and that this contributes to the back seat feeling. For people who have put a shim under the heel to increase the ramp angle, did this solve the problem? Did it make the ski more responsive and make it so that it rode more aggressively, allowing you to get your weight more forward on the ski? If I wanted to try to shim the heel up how would I go about doing this? Is it the sort of thing I should take to a ski shop and have them do or is it the sort of thing I could do myself by unscrewing the binding, making a template onto a piece of plastic and screwing it all together with the homemade shim between the binding and the ski?

If I attempt to do it myself how thick should the shim be? Are there any detailed instructions somewhere, perhaps on youtube? Also, the S7 might not be the stiffest, hardest charging ski in the world but it’s also not super duper noodly. Do you think that my issue with the way these ride comes more from the stiffness (or lack thereof) of the ski, or the angle of the bindings? I would hate for me to put in the money/work to shim the binding to have me still not like the way these ride. I intend to use these skis primarily for touring, with occasional days at the resort. Any feedback from someone who has experienced similar issues with these bindings or these skis would be tremendously appreciated.

About me: 6’0” 160LBS. I like to ski fast/aggressively all over the mountain, but prefer mainly trees, bumps, steeps, and other variable terrain. Regularly put in 80+ days a season.

Thank you all!