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First time buying skis [pass for Loon, Sunday River, Sugarloaf; third season]

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Hey guys,


Great forum and website. I really appreciate all of the great information here.


I've been skiing for two years, and this year I have a season pass to Loon Mountain, Sunday River, and Sugarloaf (All in New England)...so I plan to go skiing a lot more than I usually do. By a lot I mean every weekend January through March, so maybe 13-14 times. So this year I would like to buy instead of rent. I have already bought my boots (Saloman X Pro 80), so now it's time for skis.


I think the best way to describe my current ski level is beginner-intermediate, but I am working hard to advance my skills. If possible, I don't want a ski thats beyond my ability to control, but also I don't want one thats going to limit me once I become better.I think an all mountain ski would work well because I am on groomers the majority of the time, but I would like to start spending more time in the trees. I am 6'1" and 145 pounds. Yes, very lanky.


Would these skis work in 170? http://www.evo.com/outlet/ski-packages/blizzard-magnum-76-iq-skis-ipt-12-demo-bindings-used.aspx


I am aware they are used, but evo lists them as value which means they should still be completely functional. I can have them tuned and waxed by my local shop if they're the right ski for me.



My local shop is also selling this package: http://www.skis.com/Atomic-Nomad-Smoke-Skis-with-XTO-10-Bindings-2015/360570P,default,pd.html


Is that any good for me?




What are your thoughts on buying from a used sports equipment store, like Play-It-Again Sports?

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Jon the 170 might be a bit on the short side for you. The Magnum 7.6 is a good ski for you but I think you will out pace the 170cm pretty fast. I think the next size up was a 177 and if you could find that I would go for that. I don't know about the atomic ski.If you end up going with that length Blizzard at least you will get a feel for that type of ski and won't have much  $$$ into it.

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I agree with snowblower.  The 177 range is better for you, but you could go with the 170 if that makes you feel more comfortable as a newer (less skilled) skier. I just think your skill would grow faster with a longer ski.  When I started skiing, I bought used skis the first few years so I could try a bunch, resell them and it likely was less costly than demoing.  Be sure and look at the Gear Swaps here and on TGR.

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You will get some recommendations to demo, demo and demo.  I would tell you to demo :)  


I ski at Sunday River.  I usually get 55 days in each season.  I am on the head Rev 105s.  People will think I am nuts, but I really enjoy this ski.  Not stiff so I don't have to be full on all the time, carves great, fun in the woods and awesome for those rare powder days.  I am not recommending this ski, just showing you that we all "like" different things.  


I think you have to try hard to find a bad ski these days. But different skis will have very different feels to them.  I believe the Nomad is a foam core.  I always found foam cores felt very different from wood core skis.  I do not like the feel of them.  It doesnt mean they dont ski well, they just feel different.  I like the consistency of wood skis.  I think they provide some dampness, taking the harshness out. 


If you are only skiing fifteen days a year, you may want to focus on something that gives you very good edge grip. Also, here in New England, our trails are not exactly wide, so being able to carve sharp turns can't be overstated.  Going back to the ski I am on, it has a 16meter radius.  This is much tighter than most skis in this class.  I had one that was the same width underfoot before but at a 24 meter radius, I was smearing more often than on the heads, a lot more often.  Yes you can bend a ski more than the radius, but now you are starting to work a lot harder.  My heads can do a nice GS turn or I can really lean on it and I can almost carve it like a slalom ski (granted slower edge to edge).  The magnum I believe, is a 19 meter radius.  Not drastic but you will be going mach five in no time and skidding your turns.  The nomads are like a 13 meter radius.  Quite turny, but will work well on narrower trails.  Of course you give up bump performance a bit with turnier skis, but the nomad may also be a tad softer. 


It is all about tradeoffs.  I think the Head Rev 75, or something similar would be a good New England ski for the masses.  Not stiff, quite versatile in most of the conditions we encounter.  This ski can be had for within the budget of the other two skis new.  If you are a strong skier, the Head supershapes (I really like the rally specs), are worth looking at.  


Sunday River is having a demo day next weekend.  Ten bucks gets you into a bunch of skis.  It is money well spent.  Plus, it looks like a half a foot of snow may be coming our way.  I am actually thinking of demoing the Head Rallys myself.  I really enjoy arcing turns, and some of the slopes here require me to dump my speed after a while, so I am tempted to try something with a tighter radius. Don't cheap out on gear.  Skis will last you many years, especially based on the number of days you plan to ski.  I already have about 100 days on my skis, and it still has plenty of life in it (another reason for wood core skis).  Once they get "old" they get converted to tele skis :) Oh, and I think that ten dollar voucher for demoing gets you a fifty dollar discount at the shop if you buy a pair of skis there.

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Thanks for the great reply!


I like how Head emphasizes easy turn initiation with the progressive radius on the Rev 75s. They are also marketed as more of a beginner ski which may be better for me. Do you know of any difference between the 2014 and 2015 model? I can get the 2014 model new for only $40 more than the used Blizzards. http://www.evo.com/outlet/ski-packages/head-rev-75-skis-sx-10-bindings.aspx#image=84937/389344/head-rev-75-skis-sx-10-bindings-2014-163.jpg&select=true&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase&utm_campaign=EB-84937-1002


They're still a little short though. How do the bindings on the 2014 Rev 75s (Head SX 10) compare to the binding on the Blizzards (iPT 12)?


These Volkl RTM 75 Skis are also available. They also have a rocker/camber but have a wood core instead of foam. They also also available slightly longer at 173. http://www.evo.com/outlet/ski-packages/volkl-rtm-75-skis-4motion-100-bindings-2014.aspx#image=69119/331951/volkl-rtm-75-skis-4motion-10-0-bindings-2014-173.jpg

Is it worth the extra money for those?



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I do not believe there are any differences in the two model years.  Don't over think bindings.  Unless you are hucking off of fifty footers, all offerings are just fine.  


Now plan to take a ride this saturday to Sunday River and go test some skis :)



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