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Rail Help

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Im trying to do rail but I keep felling do you have any advice to give me?

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I'm not an instructor so take this how you want to but the best piece of advice I've ever received for rails is try to glide over them don't try to dig your edges into the rail .

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Watch the others.  See how they position their body.  Ask for tips from riders that are good.  You need to be sure you have at least a 1 degree base bevel and maybe as high as a 2 degree.  Lot of guys dull their edges under the boot area.  These things help so your edges don't catch so easy and you slide better.  Good luck!


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My three biggest tips for successful rail slides:


1. Keep low and keep centered.

2. Weight over the downhill foot

3. Speed is your friend.


You obviously want your weight to be centered over your boots, as you will only have that point of contact with the rail to start off with. While you will see many pro skiers using a fairly upright stance to slide a rail, it is better to start off with a lower, more compact stance. Practice it by standing on your skis, and then crouching straight down until your hands are only about a foot off the snow. The lower you are, the easier it is to stay over the rail, since its a shorter distance from your center of mass to the rail. 


You really want to get your weight onto the front, downhill foot. That will keep your weight over the skis all the way down the rail. If your feet get ahead of your center of mass, its almost guaranteed your feet are coming out from under you. To get this to happen usually means you're driving your upper body way more forward as you get on the rail than you think is comfortable. 


Finally, speed really is your friend. While it obviously makes things go faster and leaves you less time to react, it is also using inertia as your ally. At higher speed, your energy is going to go in the direction you want, namely along the rail. At a slower speed, you're not going to have that energy helping you. Also, believe it or not, sliding a rail at a higher speed usually means that if you do fall, it's going to hurt less. This is again because of inertia. If you are going slowly, a fall will bring you straight down, crash. If you are going quickly, your energy is going to meet the snow at an angle, and you slide more than splat. Think of it as a baseball player sliding into home plate. If they were to dive like that standing still, they'd probably hurt themselves, right? But if they do the same dive running full speed, they get up and brush the dirt off, no problem. 

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Talk about getting low, check out this guy young man.  Watch the body positions.  Wow Freeski above has some great stuff for you to think about!  These are mostly boxes.  You can go slower on those an just have fun.  You will get better and progress.  Like I said watching folks at the Mt. Parks is better than video, and don't be afraid to ask for some tips from a good rider.  You might just get a new friend who will help you progress.  Good luck buddy!


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How about a circle rail? 

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