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By Sunday I don't think you'll have to worry about the crunch layer.  It's supposed to snow Thursday through Sunday, it should be a good weekend.  Most of the frontside of the resort is North facing, ski around, find some stuff skiing well, then find that aspect about the mountain.

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I've been at the Bird since Saturday and its skiing really good. Saturday was unbelievable skiing with all the new snow and today was just amazing when things softened up, no complaints here. Anyone heading to the Bird do not stress out its good. Bob with all the new snow i did not want to burden you or hold you back on a killer pow day, i ended up with one of the worst black toes in my life. Thanks to the boot fitter in Christy Sports for heating up a pin and relieving the pressure. You were right about the lift lines on a powder day, i had just unloaded off little cloud when they opened road to provo on Saturday. That seen reminded me of a black Friday at Walmart on opening morning you see on the news. I did two deep laps witnessed two fights in the little cloud lift line and then moved on. I must say it was entertaining but not worth all the kaos. Ill be back in late March and hopefully we can hook up and ski a few laps together then. Also a shout out to the Texas Road House down in Sandy, they definitely know how to make a steak. Looks like another storm system moving in for this Thursday/ Friday. We are packing up in the am and heading over to the Canyons side, hope its skiing half as good as the Bird is. If so ill be a happy camper.

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Great to hear, thanks. And thanks for the info BobMc, will do.

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Let me throw a mini trip report in here.

Like i said above, on Thursday off-piste was TERRIBLE everywhere at Brighton.

On Friday when I woke up in Midvale the pavement was wet.  Good Sign!!!

About 3/4's the way up the canyon it was flaking and then dumping wet in the Bird parking lot.  The couple of inches we got during the day completely changed things and we had a great day of skiing.

Saturday Alta.  I wake up and see a surprise 6-9? overnight.  The canyon forecast had predicated 1-2" 80% and trace 20%. Snowbird says canyon road is chains only.  Now what?  We have a FWD.  We could cram in the our groups SUV's but they are late movers.  I frantically check the bus schedule and see a 6:53 near La Quinta.  I rouse my roommate at 6:30 and "my best roommate ever" is ready to go in 15 minutes.  We follow the bus into the train station and I throw the gear in while my partner parks.  Made it by 1 minute.  Bus is already standing room only with 90% workers.  Gave ourselves the luxury of a nice relaxed buffet breakfast at Goldminers Daughter, watching the flakes and sucking in the anticipation.  This is the way to travel on a powder day.  I like the loud cheer when the lifts started loading.  About 8" new on upper half of mtn.  Dropped partner after he lost ski on traverse to first run.  No friends on powder day.  I cut it up solo until about 11am then joined back up with group.  Alta had 12" on much of upper half of mtn by noon.  Surfing in the right spots all day long.  Biggest problem were nasty rocks under the surface in spots!  One minute it would be sunny and the next it was dumping again.  Great day and the LCC gods provide once again for our annual late Feb trip. 

On Sunday it was apparent that the Bird did not get the snow Alta did, but the drought was officially declared over. 

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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post

Snowbird says canyon road is chains only.  Now what?  We have a FWD.  We could cram in the our groups SUV's but they are late movers.  I frantically check the bus schedule and see a 6:53 near La Quinta.  I rouse my roommate at 6:30 and "my best roommate ever" is ready to go in 15 minutes.  We follow the bus into the train station and I throw the gear in while my partner parks.  Made it by 1 minute.



Don't rely on Snowbird, check UDOT.  The canyon restriction was lifted at 5:23am, you could've driven up.  

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Good advice.  I checked UDOT and saw no restrictions, but I wasn't sure.  Also, my buddy rented a Malibu and it was terrible in the am wet <1" the day before.  We slid sideways across the lot while turning to park. Also, I wouldn't want to chance that buggy coming down if it snowed during the day, which it did.  We rode back down in my groups SUV's.  I told them I would have kicked in $50 extra for dinner if they took me up(on time), but they got nothing for taking me down!


Anyway, I have the 6:53 Midvale in the archives for my next trip instead of the anxiety of a late start on a powder day.  No worry about skiers filling up the bus at that hour and that early in the run.

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I had high hopes for today but honestly it was kinda disappointing. It snowed seven inches yesterday and I was hoping for more overnight, but it didn't come. The bottom is definitely in play, and bulletproof at that. There is still some decent snow here and there but there is a lot of ice in between it.

We pulled up to the usual parking spot at 8:30, there were a few more cars than usual but not too bad. We were in line by 8:40 and were only a couple of rows from the front of the line, easily making first boat. The guy next to us in line said the line was three boats deep at this same time yesterday. The overnight total of zero inches wasn't enough to rally the hounds.

It was fairly windy in spots and cloudy/foggy. Visibility was pretty tough at the top, it got better a few hundred feet below. The cat tracks out Road to Provo and Powder Paradise were pretty tough, the light was so flat you couldn't see the surface or the edge.

We made the mistake of going out Ski Patrol Gully in Mineral. We skied the face just before the cliff at the end. It was fairly chundery but not too bad. My buddy said, "It looked a lot better from the lift!" When we hit the exit at the end of the gully the fun began. The last pitch is a thread of what's usually snow through a rock band. Today the thread of snow was solid blue ice. It was pretty nerve wracking going down through there, a wash out on the ice would've had bad consequences. I would highly recommend avoiding this area until we get a sizeable storm, the little bits we've been getting isn't going to cover that ice anytime soon.

It was snowing fairly hard when I left at 1:00., forecast calls for 2-4 overnight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow is a lot better.

Cold, cloudy, windy, I didn't get my phone out to take pics much today. The only shot I got was a pic of Andersons from the Peruvian lift.

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If you don't like the weather or conditions just wait a day. Today was a marked improvement on yesterday. I woke early to a reported 4 inches overnight. I left at my normal time and encountered traffic on Wasatch Blvd., it was backed up for the first bit of the canyon as well. It wasn't the weather, the road was dry and the sun was shining. When it snows as infrequently as it has people rally up for any reported accumulations. Four inches is the new powder day.

I had a friend that was lagging so I didn't make it to the tram plaza till 9:05. The line was a bit long at that point but not too bad, it took us about 25 minutes to loading. The claim of four inches was misleading. The snow was spotty and four inches was the lowest amount but some places had a solid foot.

I stuck to the frontside of the mountain and never made it into Mineral. Our first run was glorious sunshine in the Cirque, but that was the last glimpse of the sun for the day. The clouds rolled in and it snowed for the better part of the day. My buddy came up with his wife and young daughter, I spent some time with them spinning laps on Baby Thunder. It was soft over there and we had fun with his daughter, she's real close to transitioning to parallel. We also hit MId-Gad and Wilbere, I called it the two seat tour.

I ended the day with a Cirque run, the snow was piling up nicely, the bottom was pretty much gone. it looks like we've got a sizeable swipe hitting us Monday night into Tuesday. I may have to sneak out of work to take advantage or pull off a dawn patrol and be a bit late. The snowpack is pretty bomber right now, the lower layers are glued and the winds have been light.

Traffic entering the canyon.

It was magical this morning, the trees were adorned with snow and the light was golden. It was one of those mornings where I love my decision to move here long ago.

First run on the Cirque, the blue skies didn't last long.

It was nice today, just when I was thinking of having my skis tuned the softness came back.

Upper Cirque from the lower Cirque.

Baldy from Lower Cirque.

Down canyon from the top of Whodunnit.

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We got a pretty good shot of snow on Tuesday, I was unable to leave work but managed to leave early yesterday and headed up to Solitude. I was a pass holder at Solitude for 12 years, it was fun pulling up and seeing the same people still there. i'll probably go back there next season, Snowbird is fun but the lack of crowds, terrain, and the regulars make Solitude special.

Today I was able to talk my son into forgoing Brighton and heading to Snowbird with me. Even though it hasn't snowed since Tuesday the traffic heading up into the canyon this morning was fairly heavy. The midweek powder and forecasted blue skies seemed to motivate the locals and we appear to be in the heart of tourist season. The lots filled up and the hill felt a bit busy, although we never encountered any lines all day.

It was beautiful today, blue skies and warm temperatures. The powder is pretty much gone, but the snow is still in good shape. We hit up most of the mountain, it's a bit crispy in spots in the morning but it quickly softens up. We skied an early Cirque lap and found it a bit chundery. In Mineral Powder Paradise seemed to hold the best winter snow. We skied till 1:30 then hung in the sunshine in the lot, it was a beautiful afternoon.

I've missed Vertigo laps...

Looking down Vertigo to the top of Moonbeam.

Looking over at the Twins from the top of Hidden Peak.

A sunny run on a chalky Hoops.

Of course with my son along we had to take a few laps through the park, spinny stuff.

Rails were slid.

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Heading to SLC next week. Where do you guys stay (relatively cheap but close to slopes) when you ski Snowbird? Never been. Usually ski Solitude. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by re-ski View Post

Heading to SLC next week. Where do you guys stay (relatively cheap but close to slopes) when you ski Snowbird? Never been. Usually ski Solitude. Thanks!

If you have a pass to another mountain this seems like a good deal...

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Originally Posted by re-ski View Post

Heading to SLC next week. Where do you guys stay (relatively cheap but close to slopes) when you ski Snowbird? Never been. Usually ski Solitude. Thanks!

La Quinta in Midvale is a popular motel.  Pretty good breakfast, pool and hot tub if that's of interest.

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I like to stay at the hyatt house in sandy, price will vary a lot, sometimes it's worth it and a great deal others not so much!
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It was another beautiful day in the Wasatch, warm temps and blue skies seem to be the normal this season. I didn't think first tram would be a high priority for me today so I left a bit later than usual. Traffic was much lighter coming up the canyon, I got to my usual parking area at 8:58. The lot was pretty vacant, it was like everyone forgot to change their clocks.

We rode a half full tram up and dumped into Mineral. Powder Paradise was still holding the goods, then we spun a few laps on Baldy before the Mineral line started building and we figured we'd better get out of there. The front of the mountain was in pretty good shape, although you really had to watch the exposure. The mountain is skiing in springtime shape, a degree or two of different exposure can make the difference between carveable corn or frozen corduroy.

We skied till 3:00, the lower mountain really started turning on in the later afternoon. But, like I said, you had to watch which way your intended pitch was facing.

We ended the day without any injuries, heh. Yesterday my buddy augered into a mogul face first and left a puddle of blood at the bottom of Hoops and in the Little Cloud line. If you saw a splash of blood in the corral, that was us, heh. The firm conditions have seemed to have been taking a toll on my friends, another friend broke his leg on Emma a couple weeks ago.

I didn't take many pics today. Wilbere bowl from Bananas off Gad 2.

Buddy teleing on the lower mountain.

Buddy getting a bit of air on Blackjack.

I'm pretty scorched, some time was spent in the lot afterwards.

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My buddy sent me a pic of myself from yesterday. It was from the bottom of Hoops, the snow out there is still pretty nice. I felt pretty good skiing the line, I always find it interesting what the camera sees.

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The mountain is on full on spring skiing right now. Unfortunately we don't have the spring time snow pack. Don't get me wrong, skiing isn't bad, but I don't think I'd call it fantastic.

We got there at 9:00, the traffic was light and the lots weren't filling up very fast. We rode the tram up and headed into mineral, Powder Paradise was still skiing well, although the traverse was a bit slick. The traverse was rather crisp, you wanted to stay on the right side and take advantage of the sun, As soon as you dropped below the traverse the snow turned to chalk, the snow remained edgeable all the way down to the lift.

We took a few runs in Mineral and bailed before the lines got too bad, We headed down into the Peruvian side and found decent snow. After a few laps on Peruvian we headed onto the Gad side. It quickly became apparent there was a definite difference in the two sides of the mountain. THe first tram ride up the operator mentioned that Regulator wasn't a recommended way down at that time. We took a ride up Little Cloud in hopes of doing a ride on Hoops only to find that there was a comp going on the Rasta chutes, canceling out the Hoops idea.

We headed out the Road to Proco and found good snow on Shireen, but then encountered the ice field of death on the pitch just before the comp venue. For all the folks that claim the West doesn't get ice, I'd challenge you to edge on that surface. We came onto the drop off and encountered a bulletproof surface that had everyone attempting a controlled falling leaf while trying not to slide into the folks completely freaked out attempting to stop.

Emma and everything on the Gad side was terrifying in the morning. Although it was pool table smooth it was hard as a rock, a controlled side slide was all you could hope for.

Right now it is a conundrum, you have to get there early to get a parking spot, but that isn't the best time to attempt to ski. I'm thinking of bringing up a couple of stoves and cooking breakfast in the lot next weekend, while giving it a bit of time to soften up. Tomorrow we're planning on heading over to Alta in the morning and use up one of my tickets. A buddy of mine skied the castle yesterday and said it was still fairly soft, enough for two laps.

Didn't take many pics, left at 1:00 before the snow started getting soft.

I saw several long slides on firm conditions today, be careful on steep terrain before it softens up.
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Today was much better than yesterday. It didn't freeze as hard last night so this morning it wasn't quite as bulletproof. I slept in a bit and didn't reach my normal parking area till about 9:15, I had plans to ski with a few TGR people today and waited in the lot a few minutes for Skifishbum to arrive. We headed up the tram, dumped into Mineral lapped Baldy and headed over into Alta just as Tippster, Arty50, Gebster and DigitalDeath (heh) were going through the checkpoint.

It was a pretty fun day, we spun some laps over at Alta and then retired to Snowbird in the afternoon for fun on Peruvian and then wine in the sun on the bypass road. Sometimes it's interesting to meet someone from the Internet that doesn't meet their online persona. Stopped off in the trees to make sure everything was safe with SFB and DigitalDeath. At the time I wasn't sure who he was, he asked what my board name was and I did the same. When he told me who he was I couldn't help myself and told him, "Dude, you're a fxxxking idiot on that board." He was actually a decent dude in real life and uses the Internet for entertainment. (I'm still on the fence about the whole "the Internet isn't real" thing.)

There were some high clouds that kept the snow from completely mushing out. It started to get a bit sticky and then a breeze came up and the sun was cloud dampened.

The temp at the base at 9:15.

Skifishbum driving the bus on Powder Paradise after making the Ski Utah snow report this morning ((801)521-8102)

Some social networking before dropping back into Snowbird.

Superior is looking boney.

Driving down the canyon.

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I left work early today and headed up with my son. We got to Snowbird at about 1:50. I had originally planned on parking at the bypass, but there weren't any spots downward of Whodunnit. The condo line may still be open but it looked pretty rough. I opted to head down to Zoom and by the time we got there I figured it was close enough to park rockstar like in the preferred parking.

We headed up Zoom and gave the lower mountain a try. I was quite surprised to find firm conditions, the groomers hadn't slopped up at all. The usual springtime grab and go wasn't in play today. We spun a few laps on Zoom, lapped the tram, and a Peruvian. Because we got there late we never ventured into Mineral thinking it'd have been slushy, based on how the frontside skied I'm betting I was wrong.

It was fairly busy for a Friday, no lift lines but the groomers had a fair bit of traffic. It's passholder appreciation weekend tomorrow, they'll be running early lifts. I'm gonna pass on that, even though it's only supposed to get down to 31 tonight I'll still bet the mountain will be pretty firm at that time. The only things you might want to tackle at that time better face due east.

The Gad chutes are getting thin.

It was warm at the top.

Coverage is still wall to wall with the occasional brown spot.

If you're coming to the area you'll enjoy your vacation, my day today beat the heck out of working.
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Anticipating a crisp morning we made plans to cook breakfast in the lot. My buddy came over at 8:00 and we headed up arriving to a sparse parking lot. Even though it was passholder appreciation weekend it seemed not too many people took advantage of it. (With good reason.) We set up a table and stove and proceeded to whip up some sausages and hash browns. It was fairly brisk this morning, we waited for the sun to break over the ridge line before we left the lot.

We left the lot about 10:30 and took a run down the frontside. Whew, it was still a frozen sheet of wonderland. I didn't even bother clicking on my music, I knew there was no way I would hear it over the "loud pow." We headed back up and dropped into Mineral, the traverse out to Powder Paradise was still pretty crispy, lotta slick spots. Once dropping in from the traverse the snow was edgeable, although towards the bottom of the pitch where the angle lessened it hadn't gotten the sun quite yet and became a bit slick. We spun a lap on Baldy and saw the Mineral line was building to a crescendo and decided we'd better bail.

We went back to the frontside and found the usual effect was in affect. The Gad side was a bit slick, the Peruvian side loosened up sooner and was more pleasurable to ski. The corn was just beginning to become harvestable around noon when some high clouds moved in and stalled the warming. I retired to the lot at 1:30 and indulged in a glass of wine while watching a group descend from the summit of Superior. They dropped into a closeout couloir and had to traverse over rock to a line that went through. It was an entertaining way to end the day before heading home to springtime induced lawn duties.

Breakfast in the morning.

My buddy Lee missed out on breakfast and pulled out a flattened burger from his pocket.

Snowbird doesn't screw around with the avalanche fighting ordinance. (The boxes also make for good benches in tree side hideouts)

The Tower Three chutes still have good coverage, as well as Andersons.

The lines from the top of Superior are pretty sparse, route finding is a crucial skill.

The Gadzoom area was pretty busy today, they had a race benefiting the Steve Young Foundation going on. There were plenty of people, kids, cameras, spectators and folks that weren't used to being in a ski resort environment.
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Hey Bob, nice updates.  Wonder if that box of 105mm is Korean war vintage?  I thought the supply of those rounds had run out a few years ago.

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An acquaintance of mine has about 40-50 of those boxes he's scavenged off the hill as the years go by. Most of the dates I've seen stamped on the boxes are indeed from that era.

I don't think they've put much of a dent in their supply this season, heh.
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Six months ago, a friend and I committed to going to Jackson Hole from Mar 4-9. We had never been to JHMR and we planned the trips months in advance. But when the time came around to actually flying out, Snowbird received 2 feet of snowfall the previous day while JHMR only had 5 inches. So, we made the call to pay the air fare change fee and eat the cost of skiing one day at Snowbird rather than flying into Jackson Hole as we had originally planned.

So on Wed Mar 4, we drove up the canyon road at 7am and ate an Egg McMuffin in the parking lot before the start of the day. We hired a great guide at Snowbird for the morning who took us around and allowed us to maximize our time on the mountain and out of the lift lines. Some of the runs that we skiied were Mach Schnell, Wilbere Bowl, Middle Cirque and Pucker Brush. The last shot of the video was everyone waiting for the rope to come down into Mineral Basin around 11am after the avalanche control work was completed so that they could get first tracks.

After the guided morning at Snowbird, we skied at Alta in the afternoon in their advanced mountain workshop. Snow conditions were really great and the day was sunny at both resorts.

After a fun and tiring day at Snowbird and Alta, we drove a rental car from Salt Lake City up to Jackson for the rest of our trip. Jackson Hole was great but the snow conditions were very firm and while we made the best of it, Snowbird snow was much better. My friend and I both agreed that the additional cost to ski at Snowbird was worth it.

BobMc - I posted this video of a few of our runs at Snowbird that day in appreciation of the effort that you regularly put forth in order to share your experiences on this great mountain. Thank you!


Mod note: embedded video
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I think the Hyatt Place Cottonwood (3090 E 6200 S) is a high quality hotel and I recommend them.  Very good breakfast and very good value for money. Rooms are quite large.


Originally Posted by marznc View Post

La Quinta in Midvale is a popular motel.  Pretty good breakfast, pool and hot tub if that's of interest.



Originally Posted by re-ski View Post

Heading to SLC next week. Where do you guys stay (relatively cheap but close to slopes) when you ski Snowbird? Never been. Usually ski Solitude. Thanks!

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It was another beautiful day, a bit warmer in the morning, although it was still crisp first thing. Passholder appreciation days were still in effect, free donuts, coffee, and hot chocolate were available in the tram plaza and Creekside.

We had a planned break for lunch today instead of breakfast and caught a bit earlier tram than yesterday. We dropped into Mineral and found the traverse still glazey and even after dropping down it was still frozen. Once we got back to the groomer it got a bit better as you could seek out the piles. When it's crisp like that in the morning concentrate on making your turn on the tops of the bumps/piles, glide over the expanses in between. We lapped Baldy a few times and then got out just as the Mineral line started getting big.

We've been pretty lucky with the Moneral line lately, the frontside seems to soften up just as the line builds. We retired around noon to grill a few dogs and let the softening carry on. Just as we headed back out the high clouds moved in and stopped the progress again. Today it had progressed a bit more than yesterday, so the skiing was still fantastic. The softness was pretty widespread, the corn harvest was on, smiles were seen all over the hill.

The traffic was pretty light all day, we encountered no lift lines, the lots didn't fill up and parking was available even at noon. The bypas road had a fairly raucous scene going in the afternoon, spring is in session, lotta kids having fun in the sun.

Dogs being grilled for lunch, notice the professional bypass road grill leveling device, aka 2x4.

I checked the date stamp on the Ft Ryall ammo box/bench. 1969.

Circle around the sun while grilling.

The condo line is done, it's best to acquire a spot low on the bypass.

The NOAA is predicting around a foot Monday into Tuesday, keep your fingers crossed. We need some snow if they want to stay open to Memorial Day., I've already heard rumors of Friday through Sunday openings at the end of April.
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It's been a few weeks since I've been able to ski soft snow. It's snowed once lately and I hadn't been able to take advantage due to work constraints. The latest storm dropped close to a foot in the Cottonwoods, after getting a report from a buddy that skied the Bird this afternoon I was determined not to miss this one. I took a look at the weather forecast, saw the possibility of a few nighttime inches and decided to go night skiing at Brighton.

I left work a bit early and picked up my son from home, he was ready to go and threw his gear in my truck. My son has a pass to Brighton so he was covered, lucky for me Brighton recently lowered (yesterday) their night pass from $40 to $20, score!

We were geared up and on the lift by 6:00. From the get go the snow was noticeably better than the preceding few weeks. It's nice to be alone without the sounds of loud pow. The crunch rarely raised its head to begin with and as it snowed throughout the night it seemed to disappear entirely. We were able to get 4 runs in during the daylight, we spent most of the time in the trees, finding the scraps that hadn't been plundered during the day today. After it got dark the snow picked up and even the lighted runs had enough snow to work with. We made a number of laps through the park. My son hit up most of the kickers while I found great snow on the edges of the park at the rope lines.

It was snowing pretty well when we left at 9, and it continued to snow down most of the canyon. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, it should be a nice bluebird pow day.

Riding the Crest in the daylight while "night" skiing.

My son having some fun.

It snowed a couple inches while we were there.

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Today was another stellar day in the Wasatch. It only got down to 34 degrees last night so although it was firm in the morning it wasn't rock hard. I got to the bypass at 8:40. There wasn't a. Single. Car. There. I've never pulled up there that late and found nobody. I geared up and lolly gagged around while waiting on a buddy. He got there about 9:15 and we headed up.

The frontside was still a bit stiff so we headed into Mineral. Powder Paradise was still skiing very well and we lapped that a few times before a Baldy and then an exit as the line was building. By then the frontside was just starting to soften up, we skied a few Peruvians before stopping back at the truck to shed a layer. It was pretty warm today and the forecasted possible snow/rain never showed up, nothing but blue skies.

Even though the temps were warm the snow held up well, it didn't get sticky on the lower mountain until around 1:00. The softness was easy to follow as the blue skies made for a predictable warming cycle. The crowds were few, no lift lines were encountered. The lots all had plenty of parking throughout the day. Today was the last day of Baby Thunder, it's done for the season after this. There was live music on the plaza in the afternoon.

Baldy in the morning.

I snapped a few pics of the upper Cirque from the tram. The Diagonals.

Death Chute. My skiing partner skied it on Tuesday and said it was tasty.

Elevator Chute.

Regulator skied well once it softened.

We took a Cirque lap around noon, the traverse is still in pretty decent shape, be careful in spots as the exposure varies and crisp spots are about. It was skiing nice at that time although the bottom started to get manky.

It's supposed to get a bit chillier tonight, the softening tomorrow will probably be a bit behind today.
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looks good... prepping my Billy Goats tomorrow to head out to new orleans then onto SLC for a week on Monday...


thanks for the continued updates...


now looking forward to the trip but would like some more fresh before i arrive and when i arrive... so please do me a snow dance...

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Today was another carbon copy of yesterday. It was 35 degrees when I pulled into my parking spot this morning. We rode up the tram and headed out to Mineral. The traverse out to Pow Paradise wasn't too crispy, which was good cause it was a bit busy with intermediates. If you ride any of the traverses at Snowbird be aware of your surroundings. Chances are there will be a number of people going various speeds. Keep your turns predictable, don't use the entire cat track, if you are going to pull to either side give a glimpse over your shoulder and see if you are being overtaken.

It was a bit stiffer in Mineral this morning, the softening was a little behind yesterday. The line grew regardless of the loud pow, after a lap on Baldy we were chased off by the crowds on trail. We headed over to the Peruvian side and as usual found it just starting to soften. After a few laps riding Peruvian I talked my skiing partners into a foray onto the Gad side. My buddy Mike was firmly against it, noting that for the last few weeks Peruvian has skied way better in the early hours.

We headed down the Rothman way to Wilbere Ridge and found it bulletproof all the way down to Zoom. We headed up Zoom and found sheets of frozen corduroy all the way down Lunch Run. We arrived at Emma and faced more frozen corduroy. We quickly tucked our tail between our legs and headed back to Peruvian. I came within inches of hitting one of the ropes/bamboo at the bottom of Emma heading onto the Bass Highway. I was holding on for all I had as I slid down the frozen corduroy towards the rope!

Peruvian was glorious, Andersons got better and better as the afternoon wore on. We headed up the tram later in the day, saw the Guru and he told me Regulator was going off. If Dave tells you where to go its a good idea to heed his advice, we were rewarded with the corn harvest of the day, perfect turns all the way down to Little Cloud. After that we made the mistake of thinking Hoops looked good, well it LOOKED good, unfortunately it was a frozen mess even around 2:00. It was definitely character building, although a bit jarring on the knees.

We made a few more Peruvian laps before it started to get sticky around 2:45. We headed down to the vehicles to find a party had formed around our trucks. A large bbq was in effect, as usual mountain folks know how to have a good time. We basked in the sun enjoying the dwindling season.

On the way down I was reminded how special these canyons are and how much use they get most winter visitors never see. When I see out of state visitors advocate developement in our canyons I know they don't understand how much people enjoy this slice of paradise easily accessible from our doorsteps. Every parking lot was full, lots of hikers, climbers, joggers, bikers, and just a lot of people enjoying life in the mountains in the beautiful weather.

It got warm up top today!

Baldy is still holding out well.

Andersons skied well this afternoon, traverse left for soft bumps...

Lower Chips Face from the bypass road.

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Thanks for the advice on where to go look for the good stuff.  Arrived in SLC tonight.  Heading up to Alta in the morning.

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It was a bit chillier today, the mountain was slow to soften. We got to the bypass at 9:00 this morning. It was pretty firm heading down to the tram, solid blue ice in spots.

I had anticipated these conditions and made plans for a #wineski. I normally don't drink at all while skiing until the skiing is done. Once a year I make an exception and ski around with a backpack full of goodies making stops about the mountain to indulge in some scenery watching and wine drinking. We normally dial it down a bit and take it easy on these days.

We headed up the tram and dropped into Mineral. It was a bit scratchy off trail and even the trails were still a bit firm. We lapped Baldy a few times while stopping off at the bird feeder back there to take in the first quaff of wine. We rode the Mineral chair and debated whether the frontside was ready yet. My vote was no and I talked my skiing partners into another lap on Juniors. After that we rode up Mineral and skied Chips. It was better than I was expecting, the groomer crew had done a good job of leaving an edgeable surface. We skied Peruvian a bit, went over to Zoom (crispier), and took a lap on Gad2 (not bad).

It was a bit breezy today, that coupled with some high clouds that moved into the area early afternoon kept it from really softening. After a bit of traffic the groomers started getting slick in the afternoon. We stopped in the tram plaza, had a glass of wine and then decided to make a tram lap and see if it was softening. We figured if it was getting better we'd take another lap, we didn't make another lap, the still firm conditions made it a head to the truck at 2:00 day.

If we don't get some more snow I don't see Blackjack/whodunnit lasting much longer, it's getting pretty thin with a few large bare patches and stuff starting to poke through.

I've got a buddy that works races at the hill and is paid via lift tickets. He has two tickets he's willing to sell for $60 apiece. He'll be there early tomorrow, if anyone needs a ticket let me know and I can put you two together.

Didn't take many pics today. #wineski

Not quite as warm today, the temp when I left at 4:00

A lot of the big lines around here are lacking snow, the Y Couloir.

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