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It looks like they're throwing in the towel early, May 10th is now the last day of the season at Snowbird.
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I thought I might be done with skiing last weekend, but I should've known that I couldn't stay away. I made plans to carpool up with my buddy Travis, we headed up fairly early and pulled into the pond lot to find plenty of parking spots.

We walked to the tram building and climbed the three sets of stairs to the plaza. I was missing the convenience of the bypass road by that time. We easily made first tram and hooked up with a couple of friendly faces for a session in Mineral. It didn't freeze last night so everything was good from the get go.

I had made plans to meet up with Endlessseason (of the radar gun!) and met him at the top of the tram at 10:00. Ron is a super solid dude, skis like a bat out of hell, and still has his streak of every month skiing going on 23 years. Had a good time trying to keep up with Endless while enjoying the soft conditions.

After alternating between Powder Paradise and Shireen for a while we headed down. At this time you can download the tram or ski the Gad Valley down. Coming down the Gad side involves a touch of walking. It's sweet corn down lunch run to Emma. Where the Bass Highway branches off it becomes bare. You have to walk about 100-150 yards down before you turn the corner just before Wilbere Ridge. From there on down the coverage is fine and you can easily get to the tram plaza.

Wet slides that had come over the Powder Paradise traverse.

Regulator tele style.


Bare patch on Bass Highway.

Ain't gonna download,can't do it.

Live music warming up in the plaza.

I'm sleeping in tomorrow for the first time since New Years. Next weekend is closing weekend, I'll probably find myself up there both days.
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We stopped there on our way to A-Basin. Well, we got our moneys worth out of our free ticket. 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

We stopped there on our way to A-Basin. Well, we got our moneys worth out of our free ticket. 

It's a tough crowd where lapping 1300+ vertical feet or 2900 with a 100 yard walk is barely worth paying for. smile.gif
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Today was the last day for Mineral, I slept in and golfed. 4 pars, 3 birdies, and unfortunately a pair of nines! Ended up with a 91, good enough for early season.

Planted the garden this morning before golf, spring is here.

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Originally Posted by BobMc View Post

Today was the last day for Mineral, I slept in and golfed. 4 pars, 3 birdies, and unfortunately a pair of nines! Ended up with a 91, good enough for early season.

Planted the garden this morning before golf, spring is here.

Pretty clear you need to gain proficiency with your foot wedge and eraser to improve your scores. wink.gif
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The forecast called for 1-3 inches overnight. I awoke at 6:30 to a report of zero inches, but a heavy rain at my house was telling me the storm was here but running a bit behind. I slept for another half hour and then got up and ready. I got to the pond lot about 8:30, the tram and Little Cloud now start up at 8:00. It was a bit busier this weekend, the pond lot was filling up fast.

We walked right on to a half full tram. Once at top the possibilities are somewhat limited, the Road to Provo, Litlte Cloud bowl and Regulator are the only options. It was snowing/freezing rain at first, which turned to snow only fairly quickly. It didn't get a hard freeze last night so the bottom wasn't rock hard, the conditions were quite enjoyable. We made a number of Little Cloud laps while primarily skiing way out in Hoops, The snow was smooth out there and kept piling up. it snowed hard most of the day, visibility was tough as clouds moved in and out.

The snow was heavy which allowed creamy riding conditions but eventually soaked us to the bone. I saw many people hiking up to download the tram, I'd much rather walk uphill so we headed down Bassackwards to Emma to the walk down the Bass Highway. It's only about a five minute walk, not much farther than last weekend. It's supposed to snow another 3-5 this afternoon and 1-2 tonight, I'm hoping we might be able to do tram laps for a couple runs tomorrow morning if we can be on first tram.

Pond lot looking at the tram building.

Cloudy view of the top of Little Cloud.

Tele style on Hoops.





My truck when we left at noon.

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As far as closing weekends go this one was a good one. I awoke at 6:45 to a report of 4 new inches and 10 in 24 hours. I rallied my son but he succumbed to a nap on the couch and a claim he'd drive himself up and meet me. I got to entry 2 just before 8:00, it was a bit busier but there were still plenty of spots in the pond lot. I geared up as a few friends pulled up, waited for one and headed to the tram. Like yesterday I took the lazy way and waited for the evlevator. We walked right on to the tram just before they closed the door and rode a 3/4 full boat up. Yesterday was a soaked to the bone day, I'd brought in all my gear into the house last night and attempted to dry it off. I made the critical error of leaving my goggles in my truck last night, I had to deal with fogging goggles all day long.

We quickly headed out to Hoops and skied nice pow down to Little Cloud. That was pretty much the order of the day, we milked all the little shots off the Bass Benches and Gelande Hill. We took a run to the tram about 11:00, the lower mountain was skiing well, the walk down the Bass Highway was the same as yesterday. My son found us at Little Cloud after riding the tram back up. We lapped LC a few more times and called it a season with another run to the bottom.

When I got back to my truck I found I'd been boxed in by morons in the lot, people parked behind me leaving me no way to get out. I had a couple friends guide me, but there was no way I was getting out. I sat for almost two hours waiting before finally the car parked next to me came back allowing me to get out. I could think of worse places to be trapped at, but I would've rather been home on time to spend Mothers Day with my wife.

Driving home it started to sink in that the season is over, I'm sure next weekend is really going to feel strange. I think I ended with 57 days. I chatted with quite a few more people this season, I really started feeling like a regular at Snowbird. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do next season, I'm tossing between Solitude or Snowbird. It may depend on what Deer Valley does, if they offer the Big Cottonwood Pass again. I'm sure wherever I end up I'll have fun and find plenty of folks to ski with.

Driving to the hill you could really see the snow line.

Nice day today.

Lines like this were still available without ducking ropes. (Patrol was having a field day catching people violating the Knucklehead rope closure.)

Regulator skied nicely today.

Little Cloud line got fairly large.

I'm not happy about the last tram ride of the season.

The final walk down the Bass Highway, no downloading was going to happen.

Butt clowns blocking me in.

Thanks for reading along through my season. We didn't get as much snow as I'd like, but I still had plenty of good times.
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Dang butt clowns.
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A buddy sent me a pic of myself from Sunday, This was one of our last runs, with very little effort you could still find good snow.

My buddy has also been badgering me to hit up Wolverine sometime in the coming weeks, I may have to prolong the season and give in.
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It's been too hot in the valley, so today we took a ride up to Snowbird and rode the tram up to the top. We went from over 100 degrees in the valley to 68 degrees at the top of the tram. It was pure heaven, a great escape from the valley heat. It was pretty packed at Snowbird, and the road was busy at all the trailheads. When the heat happens the valley heads to the hills.

There isn't much in the way of skiable snow left up top, it's nothing but tiny patches. They've been pretty hard at work on the new restaurant up top. Most of the HVAC work seems to be done and they're hard at work on the new deck. The old way off the team deck is currently closed, they've got it dug out to pour the new enlarged deckspace.

The "highway" out to the Sunday Saddle.

Some pics of the new restaurant.

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Happily it's time for a new season!  There is snow up in LCC.


Here's the new thread:


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