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Ho hum, another beautiful spring day, sunshine and blue skies. Today I did a little Easter stuff in the morning and got to the lot the latest I have on a weekend day all season. I pulled into entry 1 at 9:55 and encountered an almost empty lot. I was able to park front row easily. It was pretty vacant today, no lines whatsoever and empty lots.

We headed into Mineral first thing and found it still pretty firm, even Baldy was still pretty solid. We lapped Baldy a few times and then Mineral a few, the line never built at all. We hit up the Peruvian side around 11:00 and found it loosened up fairly well. Skifishbum came up around noon and got ahold of me as he was riding Zoom. We were at the top of the tram and I told him I'd meet him at Little Cloud. As soon as I hung up the phone it hit me we'd have to ski Regulator down to Little Cloud. Whew, it wasn't quite ready at noon, there were a few edgeable spots but a lot of sheer ice. We headed back To Mineral and gave the frontside a bit more time to cook.

Eventually the Gad valley softened up and we took turns on the two sides of the mountain. We retired to the lot at about 2:30 for some hot dogs and beverages.. I'd parked at Zoom today and the scene down there isn't as lively.

The Birdfeeder out off Baldy.

Saw the Easter Bunny on the tram.

Gad Valley from the lot.

Breezy day today, weird dust storm going on in the valley.

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We did not make it there this year to Snowbird, but I have enjoyed your reports!
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Skied Snowbird yesterday for the first time this year.  Still plenty of snow for good top to bottom skiing!  About 8-10" fresh snow made for what was pretty much a powder day.  Although there were quite a few people driving up the canyon & parked in the lots, we never waited in a lift line & trams were almost walk on. 


After reading the Tahoe conditions report I was afraid it may be a shitshow like Squaw but it was actually quite pleasant...




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^^^^ I am too bummed.  

Spring is here in the northeast and unless you're in northern NH/VT/ME, it's essentially over.  I'll be riding my bike this weekend.....and feeling sorry for myself about not being where there is snow.  

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Went over to Snowbird via Mineral Basin for a few runs this afternoon.  Figured might as well make use of the MCP.


Found some nice snow on the frontside.  I think we were in Hoops.  Anything in the sun or mid-mountain was too warm.  Regulator was mush but off-trail was worse.  The run out to the Gad2 lift was even a little sticky.  Snow in the trees off Bananas was mostly crusty.  Mineral Basin had still frozen, corn, and mashed potatoes depending on where you were.  Only did the one run to get to the Baldy lift to head back to Alta around 2:30pm.


@BillSavage on the way down


Looking back up

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This weekend is closing weekend at Solitude, so instead of Snowbird I was coaxed into skiing Solitude today. My friends at Solitude decided to have their "closing day" party today rather than tomorrow. They cited crowds, lack of parking, and the police presence as a reason for the celebration a day early.

It was pretty low key today, we arrived at 9:30 to an empty lot. We set up on the back row and most of the group proceeded to get their groove on celebrating/lamenting the end of a pretty poor season. Most agreed that even though the snowfall totals were meager it was still a successful season as far as smiles per day. Mimosas/Bloody Mary's were drank, breakfast fare was served.

We eventually graced the hill and brunch was a quickly softening surface. The shadows were still a bit crisp but the majority of the hill was corning up nicely. We skied Eagle and headed up to the Summit finding a softening surface with just a hint of the sheen in the shadows. It was pretty easy to find the side of every run that had gotten the sun. We let it soften a bit and then headed out to Scree Slope to the J Sav hut for an end of season tradition. It was fairly dicey on the traverse out there, a lot of sliding on frozen surfaces hoping you'd grab before careening off the traverse.

We met up with my favorite Ski Utah reporter and proceeded to have a good time lapping the softening snow while following the sun. After a few straightlines of Postcard (where my ski tracks app showed I reached a speed of 1034.6 MPH, j/k) we retired to the parking lot and once again showed that skiing isn't about snow rather people. It was great seeing old friends, there was a concerted effort to get me to come back to Solitude next season, I may acquiese.

Scree Slope and the Park City ridge line in the distance.

J Savage hut.

Dibbs getting a bit of air.

Not doing the Wasatch Wiggle. (I know You're reading this)

Bare spots on Sundancer.

Bare spots on Sunshine Bowl.

Shot 22 still looks skiable.

I skied today with a Level 9 shop pass. If you need any gear in the Salt Lake area Level 9 is the place, great employees and a company that treats them properly.
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It was another beautiful day at Solitude, this time the actual closing day. There was definitely a bigger crowd today, the lot was busy with a number of people grilling or lounging in the sun. It was a bit chillier today, I got a bit of a chill while riding the lifts wearing a capilene and shell. It took a bit of time to soften up but eventually the hill started skiing nicely.

I skied all day and rode Powderhorn at 3:50. We hung out with the large crowd till past the traditional 4:20 time and headed down when they started chasing us away. We skied Vertigo as a last run and found heinous conditions, it was frozen chunder the entire way down.

As usual Closing day at Solitude was a great time, lots of people in costumes, lots of kids. I saw pretty much every regular I could think of, most all of them asking me if I was coming back next year. It was the end of an era today, Deer Valley takes over May 1st. I hope they don't change too much, Solitude is a special place in the hearts of a lot of locals.

Large crowd atop Powderhorn to end the era.

Moscow Mule atop "partyhorn."

Moose alongside the BCC road.

Another moose view.

It's supposed to snow this week, we could be looking at a possible foot on Tuesday into Wednesday. If the storm comes through I may be ill on Wednesday and take a powder day.
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The NOAA updated their snow forecasts for the upper Cottonwoods this afternoon. Alta area forecast calls for 1-3 tomorrow, 10-16 tomorrow night, and 4-8 on Wednesday!

I'm definitely playing hooky on Wednesday. I'm hoping for no road complications, we should be ok as most South facing slide paths are currently dirt. Peruvian being closed may put a bump in the tram line, but most people there this time of year on a weekday pow day will be tram riders anyways.

C'mon winter, I still have faith! 100" April!
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Was up there again today. Perfect Spring conditions today from noon to last tram on the frontside.

Mineral basin softened much earlier.
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The Gruesome Twosome and I skied Snowbird the past 2 days. It's Spring Skiiing for sure, but what can you expect in mid-April? For an Northeast skiier, morning ice is fine since we are used to morning AND afternoon ice. That being said, tomorrow's storm looks promising. Hitting Alta to take advantage of fresh Utah snow.
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Waiting on the tram to open...

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Let us know how you find the skiing conditions.  I am thinking about hopping onto a plane to ski at Snowbird for the weekend if the conditions are good.  But am not eager to incur the cost or the wrath of the wife if skiing is not going to be great.

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So snowbird is reporting 36" in the last 24hrs while Alta is reporting 20"... that's a little weird!


Who's skiing? Should be fantastic given it's April, 15th!

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Originally Posted by mfa81 View Post

So snowbird is reporting 36" in the last 24hrs while Alta is reporting 20"... that's a little weird!

Who's skiing? Should be fantastic given it's April, 15th!
Alta's website now says 29" and snowing. Who knows how fast this one will go? At least Alta's total has finally crept above 300, and there's still a 95 inch base. Eagerly awaiting a trip report....
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Wow. Best day of the season. There I said it, and I believe it. Today was beyond epic, 36 inches of blower.

I got up there at 8:00, they were claiming 21 inches in 24 hours this morning. They were trying to clean the massive amounts of snow from the Zoom lot so I parked above Creekside next to a buddy and geared up. We grabbed a shuttle to the tram building and joined the line about 8:30. The line wasn't bad and we'd be on second boat. While we were waiting for 9:00 I was still hearing quite a few bombs on the frontside and guessed correctly that the tram would be delayed.

They announced Zoom would open at 9:30 and the tram may open around 9:45ish. They also let us know there was a lot of snow up top and it was going to be good. A few people left for Zoom but most including us waited it out. They finally loaded at 10:00, we were on the second car soon afterwards. Up top they announced the only way down was Little Cloud bowl or Regulator. We headed down LCB and found delicious powder interspersed with some crunch here and there.

We decided to move lower on the mountain and found a bit better snow. We even took a ride on Wilbere and lapped Cat Crew Cut off. We skied the tram a bit, Zoom a bit and waited for the Cirque and Peruvian side to open. Finally at 1:00 they lit it green on the board, my buddy was supposed to leave at 1:00 for work but the Cirque opening changed that plan. We beat feet up Zoom and Little Cloud, we headed down the Road to Ogden and were turned into Popsicles with a vicious wind. We skied Glen's in the Cirque, it was beyond sublime, deep steep untracked. Andersons to Phone 3 and my buddy had to take off. I went and did another Cirque to Andersons and headed back to the truck at 2:45 with rubber legs.


Tram plaza in the morning.

Buddy standing in the plaza at 8:30, it snowed all day as well.

Loading at 10:00.

Limited terrain first thing. (The temp readings have been goofy all season.)

My truck at the end of the day.

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I wasn't sure how many photos I can put in one post and didn't want to break these up.

Wilbere area in the morning.

Tomorrow should be unreal as well, Friday spring comes back and high temps for the weekend. All this new snow has markedly improved the feel on the mountain, it should cover up a lot of stuff that was coming through.
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Also, for the most part there were a lot of smiles today. But, there was a lot of aggro bullshit up there today as well. I understand we haven't had a storm like that in a while, but some people were acting like it'd never snow again. I had some guy tell me he was going to punch me in the tram because he claimed I was elbowing him in the back as he jammed into me. I also overheard two women who were appalled at behavior they'd witnessed. "Everyone is so rude around here!"
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Originally Posted by BobMc View Post

I wasn't sure how many photos I can put in one post and didn't want to break these up.

Wilbere area in the morning.


I thought that sequence called for an animation. :yahoo:  Hope it's OK - let me know if it's not. 


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And I realized I could align the images by the trees... fun with Photoshop!


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EPIC DAY! Tomorrow should be another one! At least someone can enjoy while I'm here in dryland Idaho stuck at work!

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My phone puked out after a few sets of pics today, (which really sucked as I lost my music/headphones for the day), it was a bit chilier and that contributed to it's demise for the day. But, my buddy Travis carried a camera and sent me a few pics of myself from around mid day.

Eddie Moe was skiing nicely while we waited for The Peruvian side to be unleashed.

I watched a lot of folks beater over rocks today. Just because we got 40 inches doesn't mean the rocks are all covered, it was nice knowing what was dirt/rocks lately.

Be careful out there.
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Instead of arguing about skiing, lifts, elitist jerks and what not I decided to go skiing instead.

Today was much better than I expected. I'd thought yesterday's warmth would've turned over all the snow back to springtime conditions, I was quite wrong. We got there early and were on second tram. We headed to Mineral thinking the frontside might be crisp. We found pretty decent snow on Powder Paradise and lapped that a few times, the line and crowds were minimal today. We hit up Road to Provo and found nice chalk at the top, then a bit of crunch out in Hoops. We headed back to Mineral and lapped Powder Paradise again and then decided to give the Peruvian side a try. We quickly realized we made a mistake heading into Mineral, Peruvian was skiing very nicely, chalky snow everywhere. We lapped Silver Fox and Macaroni for seven tram laps before my legs gave out on the onslaught of stickiness down low, the grab and go was in full effect this afternoon.

It was pretty warm today, I'm betting it will be crispier tomorrow morning, but the North facing still held nice snow today.

Although it was sad seeing Peruvian not spinning it was nicer in the gulch, fewer people and a bit quieter.

View from the tram.

Lotta sight seers on the tram today.

Superior looks a lot more covered, but it's going fast.

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Didn't ski yesterday since I was flying out early afternoon.  Took a friend over to Snowbird using the Alta Lodge van so he could see the tram.  He has never skied Alta/Snowbird.  He likes machinery.  :rolleyes  One of the Snowbird hosts talked to him for a while.  He probably went back in the afternoon to ride the tram to the top to see the view since it was a bluebird day.


View of the tram machinery from floor above the Tramdock Bar.  There is a small area with lockers next to this glass wall.


Snowbird tram coming down, with Peruvian chair base in the background.  Peruvian closed for the season.  The Peruvian Tunnel probably closed on April 12 (last day for Supreme & Cecret lifts at Alta).

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Slept in today, I didn't get to the hill till 10:00. Apparently a lot of other people slept in as well, the lots were pretty empty. I was solo today and rode up the tram and dropped into Mineral via Powder Paradise. The snow was a bit frozen first thing in the morning. I hit that a few times and lapped Baldy for a while, today is the last day of the Baldy lift for the season. You'll still be able to get there but you have to go out Cham Bowl down the Karma Traverse and hoof it a bit. By next weekend the terrain over there should be melted smooth and it may be worth a hoof.

I rode as a single all day, it was so dead I mostly got my own chair. I rode up with several out of towers from various places that'd heard about the storm last week and grabbed plane tickets.

Mineral stayed firm enough to ski till about noon, with the absence of lines I saw no reason to leave. Eventually it started gumming up enough to chase me to the front side. I skied the front a bit and left at 1:00 to catch up on much needed lawn work.

Looking South towards Timp from Sugarloaf Pass.

View of the new restaurant (not complete) from Sugarloaf Pass.

I had a bit of lunch in the lot before I left.

We may have a bit of snow for the end of this upcoming week! I'm hoping my 100" April prediction comes through!
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I snuck out of work early today and me and my son headed up to Snowbird. We got up there a little before 2:00. It was alternating between rain, graupel, and snow in the parking lot. It was also pretty apparent they've lost a lot of snow since last weekend. You could see a lot of bare patches on the lower mountain. We geared up and headed down to the tram, the cat track on the way there was melted out to one thin strip in places. The snow stops quite a bit before the plaza, you have to walk from the last corner. We walked right onto the loading deck, I was talking to Rich (one of the tram operators) and he told me they were measuring a lot of static electricity at the top. The tram came down, we all loaded, they closed the doors and then we sat there. We finally started moving after a few minutes, went up about 20 yards and stopped again. We sat there for a few minutes and they finally announced, "Sorry folks, we're going to have to go back down."

Luckily for some reason they had Zoom running today and didn't shut it down. We walked to Creek Road and headed down to Zoom. It's getting pretty thin on Creek Road, the cat crossover is all dirt. We lapped Zoom and found fairly decent snow, especially in the spots that were smooth. The flats were pretty sticky and we decided to head up Little Cloud and drop into Mineral. We headed out to Powder Paradise and found surprisingly great snow out there. It had melted pretty smooth and was covered in almost two inches of new snow. The front side of the mountain didn't seem to have any new snow, but Mineral did, weird.th_dunno-1[1].gif

The Cirque Traverse was closed today so Mineral was our only chance to get back to the car without walking. They have the back way onto Chips closed so we had to go up past the warming hut. The Peruvian side was in great shape, we had nice turns down to the bottom. The snow was beginning to firm back up again and skied well, the flat spots were still annoyingly sticky. On the way down we saw the tram going up but I couldn't talk my son into another lap, he'd had enough of the grab and go.

Dirt patches on Emma.

Gad Chutes are all dirt and rock, you can't get anywhere near Candelabra Tree.

Nice snow in Mineral.

My son on Powder Paradise.

Gheen Gulley area is getting thin.

I can see why the Cirque Traverse is closed, the entrances are getting rocky.

It was snowing fairly well when we left, it looks like the weekend should be pretty good. I'm hoping they have either Zoom or Peruvian open tomorrow.
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Bob: Thanks for the honest reports throughout the year! Your a lucky man!
Shred on!
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wow i always find it interesting in the conditions since i have really only experienced now 35 days of Alta and Snowbird but end of March and start of April over the last 4 years... always had fun but this year it was by far the worst conditions and you can really see that with how fast it is now melting after the couple storms this month... 


i will be back next year... i still really want to try it mid February but doubt i ever can... 

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Agree. Thanks for the reports with pics. Great vicarious enjoyment.
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I woke up at 6:00 today just in time to see the website update with 7 inches claimed. I rolled back over and got out of bed at 7:20, woke my son up and jumped in the shower. My son was dawdling a bit and we didn't leave the house till 8:10, after a stop at McDonalds we got to Snowbird right about 9:00. We headed to the tram and found a two boat wait. After a short time we were on top. It was pretty sunny first thing and about 90% of the people on the tram were headed to Mineral. Riding up I'd noticed the Peruvian side still had plenty of unmolested snow. We decided to buck the trend and stayed on the frontside.

The marketing department must have written the snow report this morning, perhaps with some help from Ski Utah. I may have hit places with 7 inches a couple of times today, the vast majority of the hill was covered in about 4 inches. It still skied nice, but it wasn't 7. It was pretty sunny till about 11:30, then some weather rolled in and visibility started getting tough. By that time we were riding Little Cloud and looked over into Mineral. It was tough to see to the bottom but we could see there was no line. Once we headed out you could see why there was no line, you couldn't see squat. We skied my normal line out there by Braille.

My son had to leave at noon, we headed back to his car and my truck as he'd left his shoes in my truck. It's still pretty easy to get to cars parked low on the bypass road. I dropped the kid off, located some friends and spent the afternoon lapping Zoom and the tram. It never got very cold., the snow stayed pretty good. The new snow mushed up by the end of the day but it never got very grabby.

I heard the Prruvian side will be closed for the season after tomorrow to start plowing a road to get equipment up to work on the restaurant. If true that may dampen my enthusiasm and I may move on to spring pursuits soon.

My son getting some cat track air.

Dirt at the bottom of Zoom.

Clouds/bad visibility in Mineral.

We're supposed to get more snow tonight and this afternoon, fingers crossed. I was originally planning on skiing at Alta tomorrow, but being closing day and basically only Collins open I'm afraid the lines may be long. I may ski Snowbird in the morning and drive over to Alta in the afternoon and see Tony's local friends.
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If this was the end I'm fine with it. Ever since I heard the Peruvian side was done after today I started trying to make myself at peace with an end to the season. Even though they still have a projected closing date of May 17th I don't think the skiing much past today will be worth it.

If I wanted to go out on a high this would be the day to do it, another 6 inches on top of yesterday's accumulation. The forecast for next week isn't looking good, the word rain is mentioned a few times. They'll start cutting a path through the minuscule snow after this weekend, their objective is getting enough heavy equipment available in order to open the new restaurant next season.

I once again had the youngster holding me up this morning, his only saving grace was my other friends were dawdling as well. I really need to trim powder friends, but this late in the season I'm only happy to see friends let alone snow.

We made it to the tram about 9:30. The 6 inches they claimed felt about right, although the newly frozen layer was lurking very close to the surface in spots. The Road to Provo and Powder Paradise never opened today but Baldy and the Cirque were open from the get go. It was a pretty fun day, the snow was supportable and fast.

The only bummer came about via the visibility. It started getting socked in around mid day, and by 2:00 the entire hill was pea soup. Luckily it was soft, but you really had to know where you were headed, vertigo was the feeling for the day.

I stopped at 2:00 and headed up to Alta to soak in the scene. Closing day at Alta is always a good time, plenty of local flavor. Even though the weather didn't cooperate the faithful Alta crowd wasn't deterred, the parking lot scene carried on regardless.

The clouds at the bottom of the canyon told the scene for the day, visibility would be tough.

Today's snow report was closer to the truth...

Sitting at the top of the Cirque hoping for a hole in the clouds to see through.

A welcome parking lot fire at Alta.

Let the camping/golf season begin! (unless it snows next weekend!)
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